Amazon Video Game Deals of the Day - Lightning Deal & PS3 Game

Online retailer have released their video game deal of the day for March 29.

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PersonaCat3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Never had the chance to play ME 1 on PS3 and amazon has a get ME 1 and 2 for 11.99 sale so I'm definitely getting this.

PwnerifficOne3407d ago

I didn't think the first Mass Effect was released on the PS3.

PersonaCat3407d ago

Lol I'm aware theres no ME1 on PS3. I meant that because it wasn't on PS3 thats why I'm getting it. I bought this for PC. Probably should have specified in my comment lol

aDDicteD3407d ago

there's no ME1 on ps right?

PersonaCat3407d ago

There is not. My apologies for confusing you.

parasit33407d ago

Not what we wanted - the deals were random.

vikingland13407d ago

ME 1 was only on PC and Xbox360.