Battlefield: Bad Company exclusive developer diary

Gamespot takes a look at the destructive environments in this exclusive developer diary

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LinuxGuru4030d ago

very nice...looking forward to it.

mighty_douche4030d ago

The frame rates look much better in this video than any before it which is a good sign.

The destruction isnt looking quite so good to me though (still amazing for a console game mind) they seem to be pre-set animations, pretty much ever whole in the wall with the grenade launcher is pretty much the same, building destruction is mostly covered by smoke and particle effects, i dont think its near crysis standard but i wouldnt expect it to be and maybe im just gettin a little fussy? yeah. Look amazing! First day.

cannonsimp4030d ago

Awesome can't wait until March 24th. Maybe I'll be bored of cod4 by then. If this game is like any of the other bf games it will stay in my disk tray for months!!!