Pachter: Wii will be "number one console" in 2008

Popular analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo will continue their console dominance through 2008, though Microsoft and Sony will improve their fortunes over last year.

"For 2008, I have both the 360 and PS3 selling 5.0 million units in the U.S.," Pachter said in an email to GamePro. "If I'm right (always a big "if"), that means that PS3 sales will probably start the year behind 360 sales on a monthly basis, then start to pass them some time very late in the year."

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Darkiewonder4037d ago

You are the reason I get up every morning and smile!

Good stuff will happen starting in April. From there, it'll be good for all the systems.

TANOD4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

His predictions were never corect

i repeat NEVER

with MGS4 and GT5 he still believes that PS3 would be outsold by wii in 2008 not to even mention FF13

Plus GTA4 would convert lot of casuals who are planning to get a wii to PS3/X360

NOTE:_ wii is the least played console. Over 70% of wii owners in Japan didnt even touch wii 6 months after purchase. Phenomenon remains the same in EU and PARTIALLY SAME in NA too

testerg354037d ago

I think he was right on several predictions... especially the price reductions by Sony and MS.

Bnet3434037d ago

Actually Pachter did get the console wars right. If you remember way back one the very first episode of Bonus Round on GameTrailers, he called it

"Wii will be first, Xbox 360 in second, PS3 in third"

He got that right as of today.

KnowitAll4037d ago

Tanod people laugh at what you post

Psp- Metal Gear Solid games, Grand theft auto games, Final fantasy games, superior to its competetion(with music, online surfing) multiple price drops and other games

yet tell me is it ever going to outsell the ds??

and whats with the ps2 owners will go ps3. Saying the 120+mil will go ps3 is hilarious.
People who bought a ps2 in the last 3 years will not buy a ps3.(if financially they could verly buy a ps2 they will not buy a system that is twice as expensive)
People who bought the ps2 as a dvd will not buy a ps3.(And that is most of japan, europe where they never had a dvd or a dvd over 1k)
People who already enjoy the ps2 with games like guitar hero, god of war will not buy a ps3.
People who went wii, xbox360 will probably not buy a ps3.

NOTE:_ Ps3 is the most played console. Over 90% of ps3 owners in Japan seem to touch the ps3 6 months after purchase. Since the Phenomenon 'of not buying games' remains the same in EU and PARTIALLY SAME in NA too, it makes the ps3 the most played console.

Common sence if the ps3 is not selling games what does that make it? The most played console?

TheTwelve4037d ago

He is correct. PS3 won't start beating Wii regularly until 2009.


Gondee4036d ago

Its going to be very hard for anything to out sell the wii, that thing is like crack. You still cant walk in to the store and buy one.

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vgn244037d ago

Did he need a crystal ball to figure all this out? Maybe he woke up and said, "I'm going to state the obvious today and see who cares"

travelguy2k4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I thought the same, the Wii winning 2008 is a pretty safe bet as it out sold the ps3 by almost 10,000,000 units so far. An also out sold the 360 by about the same in 2008.

there is no way the Ps3 will beat the Wii in 2008, thats like saying the PSP will beat the DS, uhh...not gunna happen. Besides, they are really in differant markets, imo.

Bubbles for you

kewlkat0074037d ago

if they continue to sell and not become flat.

Now will sony catchup to Xbox 360 cause we know there is no way they are catching the Wii.

will xbox 360 continue to sell relatively well and add gain on that lead?

Does 360, really have a shot at the Wii?

Hey it's all about game sales that will push consoles and good market prices. Of course a whole lot of sequels.

that Patcher, I wonder how much this guy gets paid.

Marceles4037d ago

Didn't he say something about the PS3 last week?

TANOD4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

His predictions were never correct.

I am sticking to my original prediction that with MGS4,GT5 and GTA4 Wii FAD will disappear in NA and EU

Most wii owners would convert to PS3. same goes to 75% of PS2 owners. Some wii owners would convert to X360


How would x360 reach that 90m?

you can clearly see that its over for x360 in JAPAN and EU.

in its entire lifetime x360 can sell ATBEST 10m consoles in EU (AT BEST)

you mean 80m x360s would be sold in NA????

in EU you can see the sales figures . It is just Nintendo/SONY.

with PS3 price cut + MGS4,FF13 and GT5 this year Europe will be confined to just Wii vs X360 in 2008 and beyond

Not even Halo3 sold well in EU (except some parts of UK)

My lifetime prediction :-

PS3 ---110m ---130m

Wii ---45m ----60m


Equinoxe_74037d ago

Shhh TANOD, I just wanna make some Xboxers glad today.

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