Airmech Trailer Released, Playable at PAX East

"Michael Bay may have shattered our delicate childhood memories when he took the reigns of the recent Transformers films into his own hands, but there is fortunately still hope for mechs. If you’re attending PAX East next weekend, you’ll be glad to hear that your childhood fondness of mechs can be restored in the form of AirMech, the PC RTS/shooter from Carbon Games, which will be playable at Booth 772."

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kewlrats3531d ago

Looks pretty interesting, I must say. I'll check it out at PAX I guess!

feedurhabit3531d ago

Is that the google chrome logo they're fighting over?

xtreampro3531d ago

I think that's only available in the chrome version of the game. The Chrome logo is in the game to celebrate it's release on Chrome.

MarcAdrian3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I recall the original game, Herzog Zwei, from Technosoft, which inspired Airmech. Overall, I like the look of Airmech. Not crazy about the Chrome logo having to show up during the game, even if it's on the "Chome Browser Version." Must Google insist on spamming games so much? It's annoying, for lack of a better word.

Overall, I like the action, animation, fluidity, and design of Airmech. My only real complaint is the dumb looking cartoon characters on the bottom. Are we still stuck in the eighties with Gaiking and Star Blazers? The garish manga art doesn't match the game look and feel at all.