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LittleBigPlanet on UK Launch Pad

Sony's great white hope - the quite wonderful looking LittleBigPlanet - looks nearer to finding its way into our homes, with Sony insiders confirming they are working to get the game out in the UK for this September.

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danarc5809d ago


I was hoping for an April release, and even when I was reading the rumours of the delay I was hoping for June/July... d'oh

jiggyjay5809d ago (Edited 5809d ago )

Who cares about this game? If Uncharted (labeled as having the best graphics on any console to date) can't sell a million in its first month out then this game will be flopp! I know sony is trying to get the kids and the girls into this(yes this is game for those i just listed) but the wii already has that base! Another flop in the making just like lair, heavenly sword, uncharted and just list any other first party PS3 games!

Edit- LOL!! Harry did you just read what you said?? Uncharted will sell a million in the next month or so!! LOL!! you just proved what I said!! If it takes 2 months for a game to sell a million on a PS3 then this game is going to be a flop! Look at the 640p, graphically inferior game, and just Halo 2.5 but was called Halo3! It only took an hour for it to sell 2 million copies! 3 months later it has sold 8 million! M$ knows how to market and hype up a game! Sony doesn't know how to do it anymore because they didn't have to do much when the PS2 came out!

HarryEtTubMan5809d ago

haha your so jealous... and Uncharted is gonna sale a million within the next month and 2 or 3 in its lifetime hahahaha... Little Big Planet is gonna be Revolutionary. Stop being jealous. PS3 has great games coming and they are gonna do great... the userbase is growing

marinelife95809d ago

Sack boy will be Sony's Mario.

mesh15809d ago

GREAT WHITE HOPE MY ASSS ppl whud stop USING that racist quote

m91058265809d ago

Before I say this I'd like to point out that I'm black.

I'm sorry, but "Great black hope" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. You don't call historians racist for calling it the "Black Plague", it's idiotic to turn every reference to white or black into something involving race. White is universally accepted as a color of renewal, black as a color of decay. Does this have ANYTHING to do with the color of my skin? No, and I'm not offended by it in any way. It's people who get offended by things like this that give we African Americans a bad image as a race.

travelguy2k5809d ago

Then that would mean April release in the US. :)

One can only hope...

P.S. Sorry UK, i live in Mexico and get the same release dates as you, although i do import everything from the states, i hate waiting.

InMyOpinion5809d ago

Isn't "great white hope" a term coined for white boxers in the 40's to 60's, and maybe even the 70's, when black boxers were totally dominant(and at last allowed in the ring)?

If it is it sounds kinda racist to me.

Not sure though, I'm not an american citizen. Not even close =)

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Brian52475809d ago

Expect a HUGE lull this Summer...Again...

TheExecutive5809d ago

Although I agree with you I dont think it will be as bad as 2007's.
At least we will have MGS and GTA, both are really long games.


mlb the show will steal the thunder this summer

heyheyhey5809d ago

a couple of months ago sony gave a demonstration of the game and it was working perfectly with great physics and extensive level creation tools so what the hell is taking so long- i wanna play this amazing game already

TheExecutive5809d ago

HOME is taking so long. I highly highly doubt this game will release before HOME is up and running. I am quite sure this is the hold up but no one seems to be listening.

travelguy2k5809d ago

this game with the home beta on the disk, that way if you wanted to get the open Home Beta you would have to buy this game. I think it would be a huge sales feature.

It would be cool and probably push lot of people over the edge to purchase this game. As it does look interesting to me its noty they type of game that i would usually purchase. I will get it anyway because its something new and differant.