OPINION: Sensui's Smartest Move?

Microsoft's Japanese Blue Dragon pack-in has received little press attention. Yet it's a smart and bold hardware move, right up there with the U.S. Wii bundle. Next-Gen applauds Microsoft's strategy in targeting a particularly valuable audience…

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Dusk5856d ago

You've at least got to give Microsoft an 'A' for effort. Hopefully it has some affect.

PS360PCROCKS5856d ago

I hope it works so they pull their head out and come back and worry about me because "hello Microsoft my names william, and I have been an xbox customer since 2001"

xrobbanx5856d ago

Realy funny comment thanks William you made me laugh 5 minutes on work

DC RID3R5856d ago

ms is INVADING their area 50 state rebel style!!!!

MS - we go HARD

kmis875856d ago

Just so you know, "jap" is a racial slur, just like "gyp." You probably shouldn't repeat it, if not because it could get you in trouble, but because it's offensive.

frostbite065856d ago

or maybe jap is just short for japanese so chill out and not start something stupid.

kmis875856d ago

All I know is that in America and Japan, it is a disparaging term, and since the Japanese don't like it, you probably shouldn't call them that.

Ravenator5295856d ago

I know it may seem easy to say

"Hey!, What about us?"

But what it really comes down to is that they are trying to sell a product to a market that has no need for it. Or at least they think they have no need for it.

In turn, it seems like we get the shaft because we here in America have given a lot of support to M$ and their XBox franchise.

And even though they can fund the XBox virtually forever, (with or without Japan) they still need to at least try to break open these markets.

Europe will be a little easier considering Sony left the door wide open for M$.

But Japan is going to be very elusive for M$! Even as of right now, the movement for the 360 in Japan is failing.

We as 360 gamers would only benefit from a successful 360 movement in Japan. There are a ton of Japanese developers that make some really great games and with a successful 360 system, we may actually see some more Japanese based franchises over here in the states.

And in reality, this bundled 360 with supposedly (3 games) is only a core system. Not to mention that N3 isn't a good game IMO, and I can get PGR3 for less than $20.

Blue Dragon on the other hand is looking great and I can't even begin to think what the final version of Lost Odyssey will look and play like.

But will the "Blue Dragon" bundle sell? Who knows.

Sony is going to be hitting hard at TGS. This is their last chance to sell their product before the units end up on our store shelves. They have been surrounded by loads of bad press since E3 and they could probably redeem a lot of that at the TGS.

Will M$ sell more consoles in Japan after the TGS showing? Probably! The RPGS they showcased looked great. And with only 100,000 - 200,000 PS3 units hitting Japan at launch, people may pick up a 360.

Will the 360 gain significant ground in Japan? No! I don't think so.

The race will be much tighter here in the states and in Europe.

DC RID3R5856d ago


dont watch me, do YOU nicca!!!!
i've already got fbi on my trail, let alone a sony speccy!!!!

Darth Gamer5856d ago

What are you talking about. Someone's been taking speach lessons from his ELMO doll again.

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