IGN Reviews Eternal Champions

As one of the many different one-on-one fighting games released in the early '90s, Eternal Champions was able to set itself apart a bit with its unique storyline and absurdly mish-mashed characters, and by the fact that it was a Genesis console exclusive, developed directly for the system and not a watered-down port of a superior arcade edition. And SEGA fans from 15 years ago with fond memories of the title's original cartridge release could still be served by this VC translation. But everyone else should just stand clear – because Eternal Champions isn't a game that has much "pick up and play" appeal, instead requiring a fair amount of invested time to practice each character and learn their wealth of maneuvers, and it's not likely that many players who've never previously heard of the game will have the patience to spend that much time getting to know it. Better to save the eight bucks and keep on waiting for the real Wii fighting experience that was meant to release on that same December 3 – Brawl is only a few more weeks away now.


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