Predictions for the format war in 2008

Here are the High Definition format war predictions for 2008 by Darren Murph of

1) Warner will indeed go Blu-ray only at CES, sending the HD DVD camp into horrific fits of panic.

2) Warner will throw us all a curveball, confess its unending love for HD DVD and bid adieu to Blu.

3) Combo players will experience an unexpected and completely welcome drop in prices, both formats maintain their edge.

4) DVD forms a militia, overthrows both high-definition formats.

5) Blu-ray finally undercuts HD DVD in the hardware price department, red withers away.

6) Online 1080p movie rentals become the norm, sales of both formats sink.

7) HD DVD woos a major BD studio (or two), steals away Blu market share.

8) A major television manufacturer begins mass marketing sets with either HD DVD / Blu-ray drives within, the excluded format loses ground.

9) Blu-ray figureheads offer Toshiba a grotesquely large sum of money to bow out, BDA celebrates for weeks.

10) Despite incessant rambling from fanboys the world over, sales remain fairly steady throughout 2008 -- we find ourselves in this very spot as 2009 commences.

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Darkiewonder4032d ago

1. Warner Bros. Switch Sides and you hear the word deal and partnership 3 times.
2. Not Sony, but another blu-ray player backer will unveil a new blu-ray player and the current model will dip below the $299 mark.
3. 3 Movie studios will side with HD-DVD and 2 people will know but will say "Who Cares?" about.
4. Toshiba announces a new HD-DVD player that will support features we don't care about but for fans of the player will say something like "Blu-ray player doesn't have this feature"
5. Expect to see sales charts of course from both sides, HD-DVD charts will be confusing to look at but it'll look good.
6. Microsoft announces more movies that only blu-ray get on Disc form will make its way to XBLM.

P.s. btw. movies that were released in the US as HD-DVD exclusive is making it's way to Japan as Blu-ray exclusive.

_Jedge4032d ago

I agree with some of your predictions xD. However, if Warner Bros does go to blu rary exclusive then i think that Hd DVD companies are fooling

1. The porn industry already picked blu ray
2. Apple is with blu ray
3. Ps3 install base
many many more reasons for a Blu ray FTW!

Darkiewonder4031d ago

I forgot about Apple and Porn. But it's too early. but then again. we found out about it before CES [apple]. so a properly announcement or at least there is going to happen.

Porn, well Slowly they are coming, but since the titles that have went blu-ray are still beyond D-list porn titles, it's going to be awhile before worthy ones hit.

_Jedge4031d ago

Well according to CNET, which i just looked up on google, Apple has sided with Blu Ray

The Porn industry will slowly grow to make more movies, however more people sill own more DVD's rather than bluray or Hd DVD.

Darkiewonder4031d ago

But just until now they announced the first mac with blu-ray drive. they probably just picked sides then but waited to see how things go. Now must be a good time for blu to shine!

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whoelse4032d ago

I think Warner will go BD and possible announcement at CES!

unlimited4031d ago

Sales of Blu-Ray is high and i can see it only getting better this year. I expect nothing but great movies coming out. At my best buy all the blu-ray movies was almost sold out..

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