Games Radar: 2008's big games reviewed already

Games Radar rate the most exciting prospects with presumptious insolence:

"So, because we're mischievous little scamps and all that, we've set our spurious sights on some of the hyped-up videogames that are sure to be raking in the readies in 2008. And then we've stamped them with a preposterously early verdict. We've left out the Metal Gear Solid 4 or Soul Calibur 4-type titles - c'mon, everyone knows they'll score 9s and 10s - and focused on the more intriguing games that we know relatively little about..."

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MK_Red4035d ago

Nice find but some pretty bizarre scores like 10/10 for Battlefield by 8/10 for Prototype.

TheExecutive4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Notice how many of these scores are for 3rd party games... they dont want to get too much flak.

However, SSBB will get a higher score than 8 even if it doesnt deserve it. There is too much hype for the game and the system at this point.

_Jedge4035d ago

SSBB will get a very high score. I believe many wii gamers are waiting and hyped for this game. It almost has to be good.

As for some reviews. I don't know how you can review a game before its out. Its just a prediction i know. but still they should play the game first.

MK_Red4035d ago

Good points and agreed. They've definitly tried to avoid heavy exclusives.
And SSBB will indeed end up with many 9 and 10 scores even though it's just a simple fighting game. The hype and fanbase of this game is simply crazy. I find Super Smash Bros games to be fun but nothing great or special.

TnS4035d ago

Bizarre scores indeed. 7/10 for Far Cry 2?...

MK_Red4035d ago

FC2 could easily end up with high scores that original or first Instincts game recieved.

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Spike474035d ago

bizzare indeed.

Far cry 2 deserved better so did ssb.

I can see halo wars scoring an 8 out of 10 because RTS don't turn out too good on consoles.

Infamous score is fair, but since we don't know anything about it it might not be the right score.

Infamous can turn into an AAA game like crackdown, a sleeper hit like foklore, or just as bad as lair.

Still, why did they review games that most of us won't pick up? What about mgs4, ff13, lbp ,killzone 2

and for 360: lost odyessy , ninja gaiden,etc.?

okcomputer4035d ago

They said they didn't review the big guns like ff13, mgs4, ninja gaiden etc because the odds are so stacked that those games will get 9's and 10s that predicting a score is kind of pointless. More likely they didn't want to get burried in angry fanboy letters if they dared to give one of those "holy grail" type games less than a 9.

and btw, in what alternate universe is crackdown a aaa game? I have high hopes for infamous and if it turns out anything like the mediocre crackdown I'll be really disappointed.

SRuN44035d ago

Actually I think these are pretty much spot on, except for Bad Company and Brawl. Both will be 9s.

mintaro4035d ago

ssmb will end up getting really high scores due to the hype, and although it is a simple fighting game, it has a large number of fans(inculding myself) and i doubt most gaming sites will dare to give it anything less than an 8.5, even if it doesnt deserve it

bozobucketeer4035d ago

This reviewer must have a magical time machine made out of poptart boxes and Elmer's glue just like Tanod's.

i Shank u4035d ago

minus the super-flamer machine that TANOD holds the copyright to

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