Korea Rising: Five Crucial Interviews

With the rise of microtransactions and MapleStory, South Korean gaming has been growing in respect and relevance in the west. There's a lot to learn from this rich, constantly evolving market, which grew up along lines so different from the U.S., Japan and Europe that it's difficult to compare -- and compete with.

To that end, Gamasutra presents five complete interviews with a variety of members of top companies in the market, conducted principally at the annual Gstar trade show, to offer their perspective on the industry in 2007.

Gamasutra interviewed the following five people:
- Nexon's manager of international business development, Stephen Lee.
- Webzen's development strategy manager of global studios, Sang Woon Yoon. (Among other things they talk about Huxley and APB.)
- Yoo-Ra Kim, CMO and director of T3.
- Mobile developer Com2Us's president Ji Young Park.
- Dae Hwan Lim, Microsoft's marketing coordinator of the Entertainment & Devices.

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