Why has multiformat games development become so problematic?

Ed Fear writes, "With release dates slipping as titles need 'further development time' and louder groans from coders regarding the trials of contemporary CPUs, we look at how the increasingly contradictory nature of development – with studios asked to make one game for a variety of different machines – has impacted the industry."

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demolitionX4031d ago

cause of the gigantic horsepower difference between PS3 and 360, so they have to downgrade the games to run on 360 the inferior platform.

mintaro4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

horsepower? these aren't cars, they're gaming consoles

ambientFLIER4031d ago

Wait a second, if the Xbox games are downgraded and are so much simpler to run, shouldn't the PS3 be running them BETTER, not worse? Shouldn't it have BETTER colors and frame rates in games like the orange Box?


Bordel_19004031d ago

"Why has multiformat games development become so problematic?"

In what generation was developing multiformat games easy? Problem now is that too many games are going multiplatform, before they were platform exclusives.

DarkSniper4031d ago

The pinpoint reason for for multiplatform games being problematic solely lies on the XBOX 360. Due to hardware failures and outdated internal hardware, many developers as of late have found it extremely difficult to develop their game to the same quality as the PLAYSTATION 3®.


KeiZka4031d ago

Wasn't it the other way around, with X0 being more PC oriented (the home of programming etc) while PS3 was close to an entirely new animal and thus people really don't have the know-how yet..?

DarkSniper4031d ago

In the beginning yes. PLAYSTATION 3® did endure heavy growing pains as developers needed more than the alloted time to come to grips with the hardware. But as Dark Sniper said in his previous post, as of late, developers have had major difficulties matching the PLAYSTATION 3®'s superior hardware and functionality.


ambientFLIER4031d ago

Please enlighten us as to which outdated hardware on the Xbox is affecting the games...the DVD drive? So because the 360 has less storage, the PS3 version can't play the game at full speed without dropping frames?

Also, please tell us what hardware failures have to do with the PS3 sucking with ports. Is there some kind of an anti-rrod feature programmed in that's causing trouble for the Playstation?

How about this: PS3 isn't as superior as some like to think and you're the biggest troll around, but hey, you already know that.

ForROME4031d ago

Heres the deal, when mortal kombat came out on 2 systems it was like this.

Sega , was faster in processor, SNES had more over all graphic\color power

SNES had the better version end of story people didnt cry all day they just bought it for their system.

Now you have cry fest 2008, cry cry cry cry,

If you like buy, if you dont, dont end of story

Clinton5144031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

SNES had a slightly faster gameplay rate and the controller was better than Sega's 3 button controller at the time.

But like you said, people should just avoid bad ports altogether. If developers want to cut corners consumers should make them feel it in the pockets.

wiizy4031d ago

in case of wii they ported over bad games.. and besides wii is unique and need unique games

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