The Great Xbox Live Debacle: What Gamers Deserve

First it was the woeful failure rate of its Xbox 360s, which resulted in a warranty extension from one year to three, and now Microsoft is offering gamers an as yet unnamed Xbox LIVE Arcade title free to compensate them for the terrible performance of its online gaming service over the holiday break. But at reckon it's not enough. They think us lot deserve more. And here's why.

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predator4031d ago

yeah that would be nice a free rental and choice of arcade game, actually that would be sweet!

i was to annoyed that i couldnt get as much online gaming done as i wanted to but out of the 5 years its only happened now so cant complain to much

BrianC62344031d ago

Maybe they don't deserve anything. If you're dumb enough to pay Microsoft to play online you deserve to not be able to get online. Microsoft software is very buggy and not secure. This appears to have been a DDOS attack. At least that's what Microsoft supposedly is saying. If that's true it's because they use their own software on their servers. If they used Linux this probably wouldn't happen. The server software is just too easy to attack.

I think Xbox Live gamers better get used to these kinds of problems. It's the future of Xbox Live.

predator4031d ago

if you can honestly say that sony's network is better than live than u dont know anything at all thats all im saying

marinelife94031d ago

I think what the article offered was fair compensation.

BrianC62344031d ago

"if you can honestly say that sony's network is better than live than u dont know anything at all thats all im saying"

I assume that was meant for me. But where did I say that? I was talking about Microsoft's server software and how buggy and easily attacked their servers are. That doesn't mean Sony's network is better. If gamers want to pay to play on Xbox Live go ahead. Just be ready for more DDOS attacks like this one. Hackers love to attack Microsoft. If there's some new major flaw someone just found I'm sure it will get around the Internet and more attacks will follow.

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Mr PS34031d ago

Is a good slap !!
It might wake a few of em up as to how p!ss poor they get treated by Microsuck
Here you are have a crappy arcade game for our failure to give you what you pay for !!
I know xbots will be happy with that !!
And they will still bend over for bill and let him kick your back doors in whenever he wants

And i take back what i said at first "What xbots deserve Is a good slap !! " They need a good punch

Jason 360_Niglet4031d ago

Awwww down on bubbles there mate! here lose some more.....

Dukester1014031d ago

I think the guys over at might be a little over zealous.

Something of this magnitude has only happened once in the 4 years I've had the XBL service. Occasionally it'll go down for a day for upgrades or other changes, but not too often. This is the 1st time that I can recall it acting up for a week or so.

I'm just glad they are compensating us in some way... unlike the Gas/Electric companies where I live... who dont compensate even if you lose your damn power b/c of them!!

predator4031d ago

wow dude this is the first time iv seen you outside of the forums, like i said in the first post it is hard to complain when this is the first time it has happened in 5 years, just what timing it did

BrianC62344031d ago

Just because it's the first time it happened doesn't mean it's the last time. Be ready for this to happen a lot. It was a DDOS attack. Microsoft software is just too easily attacked. I doubt they can solve that problem in one week. It didn't happen before but now that it has I'm sure it will start getting around to plenty of hackers and they'll start playing their own games with Microsoft.

uxo224031d ago

Man, PLEASE give it a rest, you are obviously not a live user. Can you go away and keep your opinions to yourself, because you are offering NOTHING that anyone cares about.

Go play whatever it is you play and leave the rest of us be.

Thanks for your consideration!

Achievement Unlocked4031d ago

predator rightfully tells a turd to shut up and gets 3 disagrees...

droid army, your fighting a losing war. give up now, and your dignity may be spared.

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iNcRiMiNaTi4031d ago

lol. that game is actually pretty fun, i played the demo and liked it but id rather get metal slug 3 or something

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