In the Year of the Rat, will Sony win the race?

From PS3 Attitude; With the Year of the Rat nearly upon us, how will Sony fair against their main rivals, and what can we expect from the PS3 platform in 2008.

Includes details of forthcoming multi-platform and PS3 exclusive titles, screenshots and even poses questions such as why LittleBigPlanet could be a threat to Halo 3.

Warning; Article includes one-too-many Chinese Astrology references and puns...

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DarkSniper4030d ago

Embedded deep into the brains of industry analysts, journalists and Xbots is actually not "will" Sony win the race, it's "when" will Sony win the race.

With an aggressive advertising campaign and solid sales throughout 2007 it has been well documented that Sony has matched similar sales to it's next-gen competitor. In the year 2008 Dark Sniper can assure all of his Sony Snipers that the last debatable statistic that the XBOX enthusiast can debate will be erased. What he is speaking on is the attach rate. Once this is increased, no XBOT will have any straws to grasp at and will be cornered into admitting defeat for their console.



We will destroy them all

nice_cuppa4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )


woo i got 10 free movies and a ps3 for 300 woooo.

oh and 360 has a bigger install base and better attach rate.
but it doesn't matter i still like all 3 consoles.

nice_cuppa4030d ago

it won't.

but it won't stop me loving my ps3.