Akuma and Evil Ryu Coming to Asura’s Wrath! English Screen Shots,Trailer Pricing and Dates Reviled

T-Hill writes: Asura’s Wrath will be getting a lot of DLC in the coming months, most notable has to be the inclusion of the Streetfight character Ryu! In a recent video (shown below ) it was reviled that both Akuma and Evil Ryu will be joining the fray.

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Dante1123100d ago

Sweet, Evil Ryu and Akuma! Gonna be pretty epic seeing the fights play out.

Nerdmaster3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

It's funny the "trailer pricing" part on the badly written title.

It's sad that if we really had to pay to watch trailers, it wouldn't surprise me that Capcom would be the one start the trend.

specialguest3100d ago

Until Evil Ryu and Akuma could destroy a planet size god with the finger tip spanning the size of a country, they have no chance against Asura.

Vandamme213100d ago

I totally agree with much I like Ryu..He is no match for Asura.