5 Tips to Keep Your Xbox 360 Running Smoothly

Amez writes: "I decided to send in another Top 5 Tips list, to keeping your Xbox 360 Running. Many people don't understand why they are going through so many, or why they get the 3 flashing red lights."

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fury4566d ago

there are no tips to keep the ps3 running smoothly because it always runs smoothly.
anyways, that a console runs smoothly should be a matter of course. All those nyko intercooler fan crap shouldn't be bought. the console has to run stable like a duck takes to water.

BrianC62344566d ago

The 360 seems way too fragile. Why do you have to worry about so much? My PS3 is fine and I never have to worry about all that stuff. I am careful with it anyway since I always make sure my consoles have breathing room and don't put them on the carpet but his list just seems like too much. If you really have to worry about all that the 360 is in trouble. Most people just can't be bothered with so much stuff.

Mikey_Gee4566d ago

If you have a launch ... SURE

But if have one that is pretty new or even better, with the Falcon board ... other than don't box it in like a boarder hopper you should be fine.

marinelife94566d ago

Those tips seem helpful. I see too many Xbots accusing people of being idiots just because they expect their 360 to work and function like any other consumer electronics device.

We are trained to think that our DVD player, Ipod, TV, Receiver, original xbox are just plug and play, but MS decided to throw us all a curveball.

My PS3, Receiver, and HD dish box are all inside of a wooden cabinet. I just keep the door open on the PS3 side and it runs silent and without issue as any piece of A/V equipment should.

drewdrakes4566d ago

marinelife, how many calculations are your other devices doing? Probably not as much as a game console. The HD dish could come close because it would use advanced math algorithms to decode the compression, but a lot of HD boxes do that in hardware for speed. In that case the box would stay at a very reasonable temperature.

Guwapo774566d ago

Don't play yours, play your friends!

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Maddens Raiders4566d ago

I can think of 5 reasons too; oddly enough they're all the same thing! lol

Keep the dog; shoot the owner.

rofldings4566d ago

Agreed. That is one smart dog.

bym051d4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

It doesn't matter, if it's going to RROD, it's going to happen. You can't stop it.

I'm pretty sure the author misspelled "Nycko."

Spike474566d ago

Actually, this is what happened to my freind when he turned on his 360 and saw the red lights:

My friend RIP

08_CiViC_Si4566d ago

first two comments on a 360-related thread are by two bitter ps3 fans.

jealous much?

those ms numbers have you all in a fiddle dont they? maddens i didnt see any input from you on the recent numbers ms released...

but you sure are quick to used the tried and true bash the hardware tactic.

Mikey_Gee4566d ago

But the Sony fans and 360 bad news postings and 360 fan boys with Sony bad news postings is getting ...

...... "R E A L L Y -- F V C K E N -- O L D" ......

rofldings4566d ago

Jealous of what exactly?

08_CiViC_Si4566d ago

jealous of the 6.9 attach rate?

jealous of the 8.1mil copies of halo 3 sold(more than total ps3's)?

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