Where's the CoD4 Patch for PAL Territories?

PS3 Blog-net writes: "I remember North American CoD4 owners were able to download a patch for CoD4 that did the following:

US Data Center For NAT Server:
Will make all US players connect to US data center and EU users connect to EU data center. This will optimize performance for all users in those areas.

Fixed 'Downloading Game Settings' Error:
Fixed error with conflicting packet interaction.

Port 3095 Issue Corrected:
Players were required to have port 3095 open in order to host. Now players who have port 3095 blocked can still host matches.

Matchmaking Optimization:
Server search will end upon acquiring a certain number of good servers. Added "prefer" servers with best ping, this will optimize and expedite players finding and joining good matches.

I'm not quite sure exactly how long it's been since you guys got the patch, but there hasn't even been a hint of when PAL owners of CoD4 will be able to download the patch.

I'm getting pretty annoyed having to wait up to 15 mins to play a game, only for it to say "lobby closed" when it does find a game and it's about o begin or for the game to spaz out just as the countdown timer has finished and going straight to the end of round screen."

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whoelse4030d ago

Yeah i hate it and this morning i discovered that i was hosting a match even though all i did was say 'Find Game'.

Vip3r4029d ago

I keep getting an "Can't connect to Activision Matchmaking (error: 33)" message each time I try to play it unless it's after 12am. Really annoying.

Afterburn4029d ago

I don't know if you looked or not..
There is a fix for error 33 on the IW forums. It might help you out. We got a patch in the US, but the online service is still awful . Same probs, can't find games, joining game halfway through, can't find anything when in a decent sized party, waitng forever for matchmaking, log in errors. It's total crap.

Absolutely stunning game destroyed by people that had no foresight.
So much fun when it works and it's been terrible for a week now. No response from IW, no response from Activision.

Jandre024029d ago

Why isnt there Clan Support, Friend Invites, or Clan invites on the PS3 version? I mean, its not that they cant do it, they jsut havent. Sony should do it themselves if IW doesnt want to.

People come over and are impressed by the game, but then cant believe how long it takes to find a game, or the fact that I cant add friends, or create a clan in the game. Its horrible

Afterburn4029d ago

Resistance has all of this and so much more and it's over a year old.
The visual aspect of COD is it's only saving feature. The next game that comes along that looks like this and has real features will make this nothing more than a memory. This is supposed to be "next gen" you're as good as your last game.

Neurotoxin4029d ago

I think i heard its coming around 14 January to Pal Gamers.

whoelse4028d ago

Multiplayer is so fun in COD4, once you get the chance to join a game that it :(