Officer Pulaski returning in Grand Theft Auto IV?

We still don't know much about the Grand Theft Auto IV story line. However, a gamer with a good eye has caught something interesting from the second Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. GTA San Andreas had a gang of corrupt cops, run by officer Tenpenny and his two buddies officer Pulaski and Hernandez.

Now if you look at the screenshot below, it looks like officer Pulaski might be returning in Grand Theft Auto IV, as he is standing on the sidewalk shooting at Niko, the main character of Grand Theft Auto IV. Is it just a look-a-like, or will officer Pulaski return in Grand Theft Auto IV?

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bohemian 234035d ago

Didn't Sean Penn's brother do his voice ? Cause if he did he's dead.

Tommie4035d ago

A look over at it says: Chris Penn - Officer Pulaski

So yeah, I guess.

chrizzl0r4035d ago

Hasn't Pulaski been killed in GTA:SA!?

Polluted4035d ago

It's been a while, but I thought Tenpenny betrayed him and killed him...or maybe it was C.J.. Either way, I'm pretty sure he died.

Alcohog4035d ago

This isn't "news". Can we please prevent the 13 year olds from publishing on this site.

rareairtone4035d ago

This part of the gameplay doesnt look like its a mission, but just a typical police chase in the game. Pulaski was a minor supporting character but a named character nonetheless. he wouldn't just be in the streets on a random police chase at the mercy of niko's gun--to b killed. someone like him doesn't die until rockstar says so during the story, not the player

Koneesha4035d ago

plus didn't he die in SA. I am pretty sure he did. BUt maybe he was just really hurt?

rareairtone4035d ago

i really dont remember who died in SA except tenpenny so i couldn't say. but since multiple ppl say Pulaski died ima agree with them

The-Only-Truth4035d ago

Since he died in GTA SA, imma go with: NO !!!

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