Coming Attractions: Shooters Pt.1

No more excuses. The next-gen console cycle is fully underway and developers have had years to get to the grips with the new hardware. In fact it should probably just be called hardware these days. The point is, 2008 ought to be a bumper year for videogames.

There are certainly plenty on the release schedule. Over the following week or so Eurogamer will be presenting their guide to the highlights of the next 12 months. Due to the high volume of multi-platform titles on the way, Eurogamer will be dividing them by genre.

Whether you like guns, war, cars, fighting, films, football, music or gurning, there's something for everyone. Especially if you like guns and war. So what better place to start than with shooting games?

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TnS4033d ago

I think it will be in the next part.

InMyOpinion4033d ago

Oh! I missed the "pt.1". Thx!


umm where the eff is battlefield: bad company

cartman3134033d ago

God, I'm so sick of FPS games. Killzone 2 will be my final one.

mintaro4033d ago

agreed, there are just too many fps now adays

andron4031d ago

But I will get KZ2 and Haze.

And I will play COD4 online for some time...