Devil May Cry 4: Kobayashi Interview

One of the first big games of 2008 has to be Devil May Cry 4, coming this February from Capcom. We recently met with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the game's producer, for a detailed chat about the series' next-gen gothic world, new protagonist Nero and his powerful new techniques, and much more besides.

Kobayashi is quick to point out that, although massive releases like Ninja Gaiden, God of War and Heavenly Sword are all big names that are very similar, Devil May Cry was here first, and he's here to tell you why Capcom thinks it's still best.

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MADGameR4034d ago

IMHO Devil May Cry 4 will be the biggest hack and slash this year. I will eventually get it for PS3, but I'll get the PC version first. Besides, the special edition DVD discs will be downloadable anyway for PC. I'm sure that whatever extra contect heads to both PS3 and 360 version, will be downloadable for PC as well. With the new gaming rig I'm getting, if it can run Crysis on high settings with a resolution of 1280x1024 or even 1024x768 @30FPS+ then I should be able to run Devil May Cry 4 on everything maxed out, the res maxed out and all @ 60FPS+. Ofcourse, it depends how they will optimize the PC port but all-in-all, Devil May Cry 4 will NO doubt be an awesome game!

picker3324034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

lol,the PC version will not be released in like 7 or 8 month or maby the end of 08,so dmc4 will be out by then.
plus what's the deal with getting dmc4 on pc when you have a ps3 or 360?
Just only gonna be sh!tty on pc,like dmc3 on pc.You could barely play it.
Peace Out!

MADGameR4033d ago

The PC version of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition did suck...but they might fix it for Devil May Cry 4. I am hoping so...

Forsaken4033d ago

"So I would like this to stop now. " What was he talking about... not Dante...right...right...right? ?


picker3324033d ago

I think he meant Dante in other games or shows or whatever.
NOT the dmc game series.
But i've never seen Dante in other game then well dmc.
And littlebit sucky that Nero will be in other's,But what can you do?.lol

Well Peace Out!