COD4 Beats Uncharted & Ratchet as PSU's Game of the Year 2007

PSU writes:
"With the New Year upon us, it's time look back at the games that have graced our PlayStation 3's and congratulate the best of them for helping us through the ups and downs of 2007.

The Game of the Year award goes to the title that provides both a creative new experience in its genre and solid gameplay. Not only that, but titles must exhibit other key factors, such as those which have mystified us with intriguing stories, beautiful graphics, lush sounds, and most importantly the addiction to continue coming back for more.

So, now you know what it is we're looking for, why not join us and find out just what it is we picked for this prestigious award?"

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MK_Red4029d ago

Pretty interesting choice from a PS3 site. Both games are great but personally, I agree with their choice for PS3 GOTY. Ratchet is also pretty amazing and definitly an AAA game.

captainpwn4029d ago

Call of Duty 4 is a great game, and my FPS of the year, but I'd definitely choose Uncharted as GoTY for PS3. It's the first game where I didn't ever think about skipping the cut scenes, and it had this intensity that made me feel anxious when something was happening to Nathan or Elena. The way it connected, the way the graphics were perfect to every detail, the story, and shooting up pirates. That was Uncharted. Call of Duty 4 has much more replay value, but Uncharted is just one of those experiences you can't miss.

MK_Red4029d ago

I'm not saying Uncharted is not great or GOTY. I just believe the gameplay and specially shooting parts needed more polish. Plus, the platforming parts were too simple and overall, the game wasn't much innovative.
COD4 had the perfect singleplayer along with innovative multiplayer and although I'm no fan of MP, I found COd4's MP seriously enjoyable.

InMyOpinion4029d ago

COD 4 has more lastability than Uncharted & Ratchet. Both a single player campaign and a deep online experience. That might have been why they chose it to be GOTY.

Equinoxe_74029d ago

I agree, I see R: Tod and Uncharted more as showcase games, we still have to wait to see what the system is cable of, hope to see it soon, Little big planet, killzone, mgs4.

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Douchebaggery4029d ago

COD4 multi-player must be fantabulous the be considered GOTY cuz the single-player is so boring imo.

MK_Red4029d ago

MP of COD4 is awesome but come on, COD4's singleplayer is short but it's not boring.

Shankle4029d ago

I adored the single player. I just kind of wish it didn't have the few bad patches it does. It builds up such a sense of realism that in the later levels, when it starts chucking whole platoons of enemies at you to up the difficulty, it feels horrible. It defies fps convention by being realistic, so when it stops being realistic, it just feels like another videogame, which ruins those moments. However, the vast majority of it is f*cking awesome, and anyone who can get this game and doesn't is a chump in my book.

Partisan4029d ago

COD4 Online Rocks...

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Myth4029d ago

Bottom line you should compare single player vs single player. Multiplayer vs Multiplayer. If a game has no multiplayer then you should only compare the single player parts of the game. COD4 online is great, but Uncharted is a better single player game than COD4. Think about guys, does that mean if a game has multiplayer it's automatically better than a game that does not.

PS3n3604029d ago

i play cod4 on 360 and it is also great. really a toss up but I think Uncharted was definately the PS3 exclusive of the year. I still think about how beautiful the environments were. It felt like participating in a movie and that is the first time I felt that in a game. I really enjoyed the jumping swinging around on stuff and the really great camera work. Bottom line COD4 overall game of the year multiplatform Uncharted PS3 game of the year and 360 exclusive I cant say cause I havent stopped playing gears since last year.

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