XBLA Metal Slug 3 censored, but there's a fix

CVG writes:

"We don't know what it is with the games industry's notion of protecting western brains from seeing red blood, but it pisses us off.

Even classic arcade wreck-'em-ups like Metal Slug 3 aren't safe from the blood ban-hammer, as the newly-released Xbox Live Arcade version has had its iconic red blood zombie vomit turned white. ARGH!

Infuriating, it is, but hilariously, there is a typically old-school way to get back the red blood. As discovered by the shmup-loving lads at Insert Credit, if you change your 360's native language setting to Japanese the crimson vomit makes a welcome return.

Just remember to make a note of where you need to go to get back the English when you're done, or you'll be stuck with crazy symbols forever."

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