Microsoft will launch Lost Odyssey on February 29 in Europe

Finally there won't be delay of this title in Europe. We can read at HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, the next (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"Microsoft has just announced the launch of Lost Odyssey waited for our country, which takes place on 29 February exclusively for Xbox 360 with subtitles in Spanish. So it is less able to see one of the most highly anticipated bet of the beginning of 2008, which will have some first impressions this week."

This game will arrive on U.S. on 12th february.

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kewlkat0074036d ago

Europe getting an Japanese RPG on time. What is going on here...

Can't wait for this one, I'm an old-school RPG gamer that likes random battles. I've been playing FFXII and I don't like stupid monsters aimlessly walking around, it looks tacky.

I like the mysterious suspense of not knowing what lurks in certain areas until they show themselves. Hey that's just me. I'm also finishing Eternal Sonata.

Well Europe finally does not get the shaft. Enjoy

predator4036d ago

this game is going to be sweet

mesh14036d ago

i was hoping this game wud be a stella game but tbh i dont think its that great but ofc ill still buy it jap devs are lacking this gen they just are not pushing next genconsoles to their limits.

Syko4035d ago

February 12th is going to be HAWT.