The Worst Game Ever Made: PS2's Animal Soccer World

Destructoid writes:
"After watching Animal Soccer World's cut scenes myself, it struck me as incredibly strange that such a brilliant work of cinematography could have been ignored by the gaming public for so long. Through a bit of research, I quickly discovered the cause was because developer Phoenix Games (makers of other critically acclaimed titles such as Carwash Tycoon, Habitrail Hamster Ball and Roller Coaster Funfare) only releases their games in Europe. It's truly a shame that such AAA titles would be denied to those of us living in America and I'm sure that every single one of us would gladly have Super Paper Mario take an extra six months to arrive here so long as we could easily experience such personifications of gaming Nirvana … Bwahaha! Okay, sorry, I just can't write anymore of this with a straight face."

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MK_Red4563d ago

WOW, that piece of video deserves a place in movie and game wonders museum. Ripping of certain Disney cartoon characters is one doing but doing it so horribly bad is a whole different matter and deserves attention and praise. This is what puts the T in Terrible.

BrianC62344563d ago

Is this thing a game? I thought after watching a couple minutes of the video it was just some kind of cartoon. I didn't watch the whole video. Do they ever get around to actual gameplay? It does look pretty crappy.

f7ss14563d ago

they cant be serious, is this really a game over there?

heyheyhey4563d ago

ok so with the 1p they found on the floor and the pound that they stole from the charity collection box that brought the budget to a grand total oooooooooooooooooooof:


VigorousApathy4563d ago

The voice of the female nurse goose was clearly a man trying to sound like a woman. And that didn't even make the top 20 worst things about the first cutscene. Or are these cinematographic scenes? I can't tell.

ccricers4560d ago

Hey, the ambulance goose is the best character in that cartoon. Long live Ambulance Goose! Second place goes to the bear that sells candy.