Top 7 Basic Features in Video Games that Would Rock in Real Life

GP: "After playing video games for the good part of ten plus years, you begin to notice some reoccurring features in video games. After some time, it becomes a bunch of givens – just some stuff you’d expect and nothing more.

But what if through some incredible alchemy, those every day facets became real life perks? Heck, just having one of these things would make you a god among humanity. Let’s take a look."

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Wiiloveit2518d ago

I've caught myself wishing I could do a double jump more than once in my life!

scotchmouth2518d ago

Gonna need save states when drunk kids try to double jump buildings

TheUnbiasedLion2518d ago

A really good list especially double jump and new game plus though I would love upgrades that let you fly or glide XD

donsterydo2517d ago

New Game Plus - Start all over and this don't f*ck it up XD

ExCest2517d ago

Console Commands. That is all I need. It's only one single thing.