Obsidian confirms that it's working on a Kickstarter project

Obsidian may have been through a rough patch since its last release in May with Dungeon Siege 3, but the developer is now back in full force developing a South Park game for THQ and it just revealed that it's working on a Kickstarter project.

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NYC_Gamer2518d ago

Now they want gamers to fund a broken buggy/glitch fest project

zeal0us2518d ago

This kickstarter better include betas and demos. Obsidian tend to screw up.....ALOT

DeadlyFire2518d ago

While this is true. I wonder if they will take care of their project properly with consumers investing and having more of a limited budget on their hands.

Likely this is their only Pass/Fail attempt with kickstarter for consumers to side with them if they do bad it goes downhill.

Its sad for Microsoft losing a next gen exclusive from these guys even if it was glitchy, but hopefully this new project turns out alright.

hano2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I don't know what you guys are talking about.

Obsidian makes great RPG games. Hell, New Vegas eclipses Fallout 3 and even the DLC was awesome. The weapon variety and factions and story arcs were astounding.
NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer had some of the best dialogue and party banter I have seen in a game.

Plus, I would kickstart any game Chris Avellone works on. I am dying to see what the old Black Isle can achieve without a publisher breathing down their necks.

DeadlyFire2518d ago

Not saying they don't make a few hits, but there are a few times when they cut corners and don't polish the game. Could be due to publisher pressure. This is a nice opportunity for them either way to not be so pressured.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2518d ago

The flying heck. Maybe I should do a kickstarter too -_-

tack1292518d ago

At least they have good writers. Just wish their programming was better.

hiredhelp2518d ago

Ive helped project cars ive helped out tacticalshooter not doing another.
At least projec cars you get to have hands on th game and further dev builds so community can say what they want what wasnt right.

hiredhelp2518d ago

Do applogise for my dredfull typing im sure the keys dont type what i put in or i dont PRESS HARD on the key's