The US Military Wants to Hack Foreign Game Consoles, Steal User’s Information

Kotaku - The Department of the Navy is looking very closely at used video game consoles. Only, they don't want to play them. They want to crack them open and steal all the information on overseas users they can get their hands on.

To that end, the Department has contracted a company called Obscure Technologies to go overseas, buy a mountain of pre-owned video game consoles and obtain as much "significant and sensitive information from previous users" as it's possible to get.

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Snookies122516d ago

Lol, man they're just getting desperate now aren't they? XD

NewMonday2516d ago

from BF3 you can tell something about the combat habits of a nation.

Germans are the most organized and professional
Russians are cold hearted killers who only laugh if it's a bad situation.
Spaniards like to have a conversation while killing people.
Frenchmen complain when things go bad and blame everyone else, also quitters.
Brits like to lecture
east Asians are businesslike kill and get killed with no fuss.
Arabs take thing personally, leaving objectives looking to get payback.
Americans are "cowboys", jump into fire without thinking, shout profanity, get angry if 2 seconds go without someone to shoot, and apparently only cheaters can kill them.

ravinash2516d ago

You just saved the NAVY a whole lot of money.

killerhog2516d ago Show
Hellsvacancy2508d ago

Its the American way of doin things, stickin your nose in other people business

TekoIie2516d ago

What are they trying to accomplish through this?

Baka-akaB2516d ago

Nowadays anybody play videogames , including foreign soldiers , potential assets , or even criminals and terrorists .

Being able to track , monitor and spy them seems like their fancy

ravinash2516d ago

Just because I like running out into the middle of a bullet storm in the game and getting shot, does not mean I'd do it in real life.
This would tell them nothing.

TekoIie2515d ago

I see what your saying but it still seems like the stupidest thing to assume that foreign soldiers or criminals have recently traded in an xbox or playstation.

fOrlOnhOpe572516d ago

For real? Or is it part of a competition for the most creative waste of tax-payers dollars?

TekoIie2515d ago

That $200,000 could go towards a much better cause. I know we could say this about everything but that money would be better used in a charity or my pocket....

bahabeast2515d ago

i think they wana play also