A Day of Defeat For ActiBlizzard? Retailers Been Selling COD4 For Under $40.

From Level Up:
"On an unrelated note, N'Gai, maybe you can comment on the holiday software sales for the Xbox360 and the PS3. In particular, I have seen COD4 on sale for $38 no fewer than five different times between Thanksgiving and New Year's (Circuit City, Best Buy, Target included)...I thought this GOTY [Game of the Year] was selling well--if so, do you think that is related to the numerous sales? Or has it been holding its own at $60?"

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THAMMER14032d ago

Is all I had to pay 12/26/2007 day after sale at Best buy.

mintaro4031d ago

12/26/07 that was a wonderful day in my life, not only CoD4 for under 40, but also bioshock

MK_Red4031d ago

I wonder what would have happened if all games were $40 or $30? The sales could have been much better and things would have been much easier for consumers. Of course I could be wrong but still, one can wish :)

actas1234031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I think most games should be in the 40-50 dollars range. I think they'll sell more and therefore generate same profit, if not more. The gaming community is growing faster than some of the publishers out there are thinking. Lowering the prices on those games will definitely be for the most good.
I personally don't play online, even though I have cable internet. Therefore, COD4 was a great rent for me, It wasn't worth the 60 dollars as its only around 5-6 hours of game play. The only games I buy are sport games and GTA and like games... Also, GOW games (no matter how long/short they are).

Watkins4031d ago

I wouldve had both Oblivion, Uncharted and Heavenly sword if 40$ was the pricing here in sweden. THat's dirt cheap compared to the 100$ I have to pay here to get Uncharted. Can't afford it atm, and that really sucks.

deepio4031d ago

COD4 was on sale, for a week, here in the UK just before Xmas too. Gamestation were doing it half price for £24.99 (rrp £49.99).

Dark_Overlord4031d ago

went in there for a quick look as I was waiting for someone and seen it on the shelves so snapped it up straight away, the next day I went back the shelf was empty. Damn good bargain

Afterburn4031d ago

that's because you can only play half the game. "game experience may change during online play" - yeah, I can play it offline, but I can't get online or find a game or get an answer as to when this crap is going to be fixed. GOTY and they're using 3 commodore 64's for servers. Brilliant.

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The story is too old to be commented.