BF3 1.04 update crashing PS3′s, DICE’s broken promises

Product-Reviews writes: After so much anticipation on DICE’s new Battlefield 3 update for the PS3, we have to say that our early impressions of the state of the game post-update are not good. We’re running into numerous problems with the game, including multiple system crashes which require a hard reset of the PS3.

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tr00p3r2519d ago

Lost count at how many hard resets I've had to do since the update..not good DICE. There always seems to be some kind of fuck up after an update.

F7U122519d ago

"Why is the delay of a patch on Xbox 360 and PC?"

"Recently found tech bug on PS3 that we need to fix for the xbox. It might come out same as ps3 or short after. I don't know atm"!/gust...

guess it wasn't bullsh*t.

Ramses32519d ago

I played for less then 5 minutes on Metrro and froze, not cool.
It must be the update because I havent experienced freezing before.

CoolBeansRus2519d ago

Yes, faster doesn't always mean better. They should have delayed the dam patch! But noooo! People want to complain about something all the time. it seems like they are hard at work to fix it, lets give em two weeks, it should all be better by then! :(

-Mezzo-2519d ago

So far I've only played 3 Rush Games after the Patch, So Far No Problem.

Mr-Zex2519d ago

Where's the fix for input lag dice, where!?!

kasasensei2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

disable aa to fix lag input...
what about playing with a controller on pc to fix AI, or walking backward to boost framerate?

360GamerFG2519d ago

LMAO @kasasensei. Good one.

Fylus2519d ago

More ignorant people that don't read...

Listen to Series_IIa, he knows the secret.

Mr-Zex2519d ago

Yes, I already knew that, and I've read the Article, you wanna go do me a favor and put it into Practice now, cause I'll tell you right now.. IT DOESN'T WORK.

Fylus2519d ago

It's been working absolutely fine for me.

AusRogo2519d ago

Havent had any issues.. Yet.

AusRogo2519d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.