GameTrailers - Xenoblade Chronicles Review

GameTrailers: "After petitions and protests, Xenoblade finally comes to the states with Chronicles. Was this JRPG worth the wait?"

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dark-hollow2516d ago

Dang best jrpg this Gen hands down!!!

Xof2516d ago

Too bad there's not much competition.

Bimkoblerutso2516d ago

Sweet, sweet nectar.

I can't flippin wait. JRPG's are making a long overdue comeback.

AWBrawler2516d ago

Yep I am officially more hyped for this than i am The Last Story

Sigh2516d ago

Wow... surprising score from Gametrailers.

BldyShdw2516d ago

I'm giving you an agree/bubble just for the awesome avatar!

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