Namco Bandai's Action Adventure May Be For PlayStation

Andriasang: Namco Bandai has provided a hint about the platform for the new game it's been teasing since earlier in the week.

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PirateThom2517d ago

Maybe it's a Cellius game?

Brave Arms or Chain Limit or whatever.

Godmars2902517d ago

I hate that the tech hinted in that EVA newsreader was never used pass the newsreader. Maybe now after that five year old "test?"

Though most likely, this is going to be a PSV game. probably JP-only at that.

hkgamer2516d ago

apart from the new vita ridge racer I don't think Cellius actually makes any games.

Would love for them to turn those concept/tech demos into real games though.

yewles12517d ago

Maybe it's more info on that F2P Gundam game...

gtxgamer22517d ago

wish i knew the japanese language, life would be so much easier with a Jpn psn account!

Game4life2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I think Im gonna try and learn it some day since i want to visit Japan. I know a few basic words that i have picked up watching subbed anime enough (looked up the meaning also) but i don't know their symbols unfortunately

Rohered2516d ago


I dont want Action/Aventure or Anime-fan Muso for my PS3/Vita.

I want J-RPG, I want ToV, Ninokuni and true J-RPG Vita.... in Europe...