Smash Bros. Creator Talks Kid Icarus Uprising

During a recently released edition of Iwata Asks, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sat down with Super Smash Bros. developer Masahiro Sakurai to discuss his latest creation, Kid Icarus Uprising. The interview began with some discussion of how Uprising came about in the first place - which apparently stemmed from Iwata's desire for Sakurai to work on something original.

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Tonester9252486d ago

Okay enough with this game. Bring the Next-Gen Smash Bros!

dark-hollow2486d ago

Knowing sakurai, get ready for two years of teasing the sh*t out of is before the game launch.

Tonester9252486d ago

I loved/hated the daily updates they had when Brawl was getting closer to release. I had to look everyday.

yabhero2486d ago

I'm all for Next-Gen Super Smash on WiiU and 3DS. But Uprising deserves A LOT more attention. It's an amazing game the can be described in 1 word. Fun. Pure fun, everything about that game is just enjoyment.

kesvalk2486d ago

he didn't said anything about the next smash! how this got approved?

flavorbabies2486d ago

The article has nothing to do with the next smash!