The Best Console Exclusives Ever | Every console release since Sega decided to take on Nintendo in an epic showdown of 16-bit kings. It didn’t matter what kind of crap companies came up with (cough, cough Blast Processing?) because when it came down to it the games were what mattered. You could argue that since Microsoft came into the mix, the gaming console race has been all about marketing and one upsmanship. Before then, the only company that got nasty was Sega when it was doing all it could to save its hardware business. It was a haven for games and gamers. You didn’t hear “oh you have a Genesis? That sucks, I got a SNES.” No, you heard, “Oh cool, Genesis! I got a SNES but now I can enjoy these games!” What a wonderful time.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago

Weird that he listed Mass Effect 1 as honorable mention for the 360. If that's the case GTA:San Andreas should be #1 for the PS2. All I'm saying is be consistent.

Cennus2453d ago

It was released first and mainly on the 360 with the PC version coming a year later. Plus, the first game is remembered for being a 360 game.

Dante1122453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

So for the 360 it was Halo: Reach and the PS3 it was MGS4. I thought Halo 3 was better, but I can appreciate the list.

Edit: @ Outside

I'm more concern about Too Human in the 360's honorable mentions list.

@ Cennus

Unless he's saying that since Mass Effect is on the PC it can't be considered an exclusive.

cpayne932453d ago

@Dante I agree I thought Halo 3 was far better than halo reach. Oh well can't find a list like this without disagreeing with something.

Cennus2453d ago

@cpayne, too true. That's why I love reading the comments section.

EVILDEAD3602452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

'Weird that he listed Mass Effect 1 as honorable mention for the 360'

Not even close to 'weird' the first Mass Effect will ALWAYS be 360 console exclusive. It was published by Microsoft.

The 360 has always been the only place you can play the entire trilogy on console. Which is why the 360 ME fanbase is by far the biggest of any platform.

San Andreas ended up on the 360, completely different situation.

On topic..

Gears of War BY FAR should be list of Lost Oddysey.


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LX-General-Kaos2453d ago

In the title it says best console exclusive. Mass Effect 1 is still console exclusive to the xbox 360. San Andreas is not a console exclusive. So they are still on track with consistency.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Ah, you are correct. My mistake.

m232453d ago

Mass Effect 1 was never released for Playstation 3.

SJPFTW2453d ago

San Andreas came out for the original xbox noob

ZippyZapper2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Bad comparison Outside_ofthe_Box. Unless there is some super top secret ME game on the Playstation Dream Machine.

Anyway nothing will ever be as big as Mario or Zelda.

user39158002453d ago

Mass effect was exclusive, GTA sandbox was ok, but not superior to many exclusives. The list was great overall, it reflects not only mega hits, but the games as a whole in superior performance. I would only have changed FF7 for FF8 cause although FF7 was very brutal with a great storie line, final fantasy 8 was and still is the best FF game ever created today. FF7 created the foundation to how rpgs are done well, while ff8 showed us how ultimate games are done. No other RPG has achieve what FF8 did to me and even today I see no one better than FF8, many great games and only one king, FF8 you are it.

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VanillaBear2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Oh look at that FFVII in a "best <blah blah>" list.....the surprize /s

I feel like sometimes the whole FF7 thing is just people going off what other people say even if they really think FF8 or FF9 was better

LX-General-Kaos2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

When all is said and done, Final Fantasy 7 did wonders for the PS1. It is one of the most important titles for the PS1 and has done alot for JRPGs as a whole.

If i were trapped in a room with a PS1 and only got to choose one game for the rest of my life. I would choose Final Fantasy 7 personally. Its my fav game on the PS1 console.

The game is not a fluke or a joke. It was really that good. Thats why it gets the most support out of all Final Fantasy games. The game was so good that it got spinoffs, a feature length movie, and people are begging for a remake on current gen hardware.

The other PS1 final fantasy gamers were great as well. I would rank them in the order of 7, 8, and 9 as they came out.

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VanillaBear2453d ago

Really or is it because it was the first FF game on a Sony console wowing the crap out of people because at the time, the graphics were amazing and the change of direction the game was going in was good. Thats probably why it did well, especialy if it was the first FF game

Put FF8 or FF9 before FF7 and the same thing would of happened to those games.

Lets be honest there are things in gameplay, characters, plot, side quests that FF8/FF9 even FF10 in some places did better then FF7

I mean I've came across a few people in my life who said the game is amazing but havent played it...they've just heard about it on the internet and it got me thinking how many other people do the same thing.

I loved FF7 but I don't think it's that good, I mean every "Top <blah blah" list or "Best <blah blah" list has at least one FF7 realted thing in it even though you know for a fine fact that another FF game did that thing better...and not just your opinion I mea a well known opinion you've seen around the web that the majority of FF fans feel the same way about.

LX-General-Kaos2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I respect your opinion %100 as I hope you respect mines.

Its just that in your 1st comment I was under the impression that you were trying to bring down Final Fantasy 7 just because it is the most popular of the bunch. I have seen many people do that. Nothing personal.

In the end they were all great games. I just feel that Final Fantasy 7 was the better of the pack. have a good day sir.

@ dark-hallow

FF6 was likely overshadowed because Final Fantasy 7 pulled off wonders as a next gen title. It was the 1st with CGI, next gen graphics (at the time) and introduced the legendary materia system. Which was a revolution at that time.

FF7 was also the 1st rpg that put rpgs on the map for the ps1. A splash that big pushed it beyond the limit of where most rpgs even to this day have gone. To this day no rpg on any console has lived up to the legendary status of FF7.

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HammadTheBeast2453d ago

In my opinion, Final Fantasy 8 is the best game ever made. I liked the sotry and just the overall feel of the game more than ff sevens. Plus I wasnt distracted by a huge sword, instead I got Squalls gunblade, which is much more beastly imo.

dark-hollow2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Still fix is hands down the best final fantasy ever!

I don't know why this game get overshadowed by ffvii & ffviii.

The classic fantasy setting was perfect.
The combat was the greatest without silly materia that basically made every character fight in a similar way.
E.P.I.C vlliains like that black image who kept chasing you even when he's beaten TWICE and you can see the effect of that on him in last battle with him besides the train.
The lovable characters like zidan, vivi and steiner, and the goddamn EPIC music!

SuperLupe2452d ago

I agree on every point. Not only my favourite FF but my favourite game ever.

Doesnt get the recognition it deserves.

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

LX already said it.

At the end of the day they were all great games. There's no need to debate with "what ifs." If FF8 had come first one could say the same thing about how "had FF7 came before 8" they would be saying it's the best. The way I see it you can't go wrong putting 8 above 7 or 6 above 7 or 9 above 7. It comes down to your own tastes.

I personally think FF7 is the best, but if FF8 had been on the list as the best PS1 exclusive I wouldn't mind as I can understand why one might favor 8 over 7.

gypsygib2453d ago

Cool, I've never seen a picture of Mario wearing green armor before.

Legion2453d ago

I know... but I have seen him wearing a green outfit and calling himself Zelda.

synchroscheme2453d ago

Lost Odyssey gets lost in between all of the Haloez and the Gears of the Wars but it is easily what I consider to be the best on the platform.

I sold my 360 a long time ago, but this game is the only one out of the xbox 360 library that makes me regret it. One of the best RPG's on the market to this day. It really doesn't get enough credit.

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