Wii set to beat Microsoft's 17.7m all-time Xbox 360 sales tally

According to the Reuters newsagency, Nintendo had shipped 13.2m Wiis worldwide by the end of September 2007, just under the 13.4m Xbox 360s sold to date at that point.

To beat the 360, Nintendo will have had to have sold more than 4.5m Wiis. Unfortunately, US sales data for December 2007 isn't yet in, although according to market watcher NPD, Nintendo shipped 1.5m Wiis in the US in October and November.

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MK_Red4031d ago

Well, it's pretty obvious Wii will pass that considering it's insane success and shortages weren't that bad most of the time. I can't imagine how much it will sell when Mario Kart and Wii Fit arrive even though I don't care for the first and absolutly hate the second.

mighty_douche4031d ago

Nintendo has pissed on both M$ and Sonys fireworks this gen. Now they are just fighting for second place.

Look at the DS, it sold 6.5 million in December alone (VGCharts) thats nearly as much as the 360/PS3 sold in a whole year. Amazing stuff.

mesh14031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

the wii is not a next gen console,there is know way a souped up gamecube which even the xbox 1 can out perform in graphical applications is a next gen console its a great gimmick last gen console with some very nice 1st party software that are great games but not next gen.

mighty_douche4031d ago

the wii is more next gen than 360/PS3. Whats next gen about upgrading the CPU and GPU with what could be called Last Gen PC components.

only difference between xbox 1 and 360, better graphics, thats basically it, same with PS2/3.

mesh14031d ago

ill school u were cpu+ gpu ugrades make a next gen console bioshock for example becuase of the power of the next gen console like the 360 and ps3 u are able to to be immersed in the world every single detail of the game world is upgraded tons of more processing power to make characters act and feel life like+even sound in next gen console are amazing bioshock is a true showcase of when a game has 0 flaws and immerses u in a way never seen the world is aliving breathing world not to mention the effects of next gen console that are mindblowing compared to ps1 or gamecube .

consolewar4031d ago

and taken his place at the keyboard. Totally agree Mr Kidnapper. BTW kill that sucker.

brodels4031d ago

the wii right now is the ONLY next gen console. the 360 and ps3 right now are not next gen - they're the same as the xbox and ps2 except with better graphics.

what makes the wii nextgen right now is that it adds a totally new way to play games with its new controller. the 360 and ps3 can catch up if they add something similar (ps3 already has the eye toy, but not many developers are utilizing it).

i have a wii and love it, and i can see it beating out the xbox360, but the ps3 has way too much horsepower and will have a lot of japanese support (compared to the 360) for the wii to blow that one out. it will be interesting to see how these next few years shape up in the industry.

I predict that nintendo's next console will have to come out before, or at the latest - at the same time as microsoft's next console.

one last thing - pc games are SO underrated

brodels4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

How is that next gen? PC games will always be ahead of consoles in term of the horsepower used for it's developed games. There may be a a few months in which the PS3's horsepower usage will be higher than the PC's ... but that's it.

that's why bioshock on pc looks better than on the xbox360. orange box looks and runs better on the pc than on 360/ps3, and crysis is ONLY on the pc (for now).

anything done on 360/ps3 can be done on the pc a lot better. what makes the wii special is that a lot of it's games are hard to be copied by other consoles or by the PC because of it's totally different input device (the wiimote).

kewlkat0074031d ago

that will be highly debated till the next consoles come out. I personally think Next-Gen has encompasses all of what was not possible on last-gen hardware.

What Nintendo did they did not re-invent the Hardware but the way Users interact with it. Well yeah , that is next-Gen in itself because it's forcing gamers to adapt to playing games a certain way which was not possible on Last-Gan console.

so that's where I stand on that Issue. It's just heir Hardware is nothing breathtaking but it was done in a very savy manner that attacts a lot of different types of gamers. Given the price point the sales will continue to do well.

As far as Nintendo pissing on both MS and Sony well, Nintendo did well catching up to Xbox 360 but if anyone was really pissed on was Sony and the PS3 since they came out the same time, but with more barrires.

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THAMMER14031d ago

I'm getting a Wii real soon. A PS3 is possible too if the DS3 is in the box. [email protected] I hate to wait.

aba4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I had one and it got old pretty fast. I ended up ebaying it for a pretty penny. Used the money I made for my PS3. If you don't have a DS however, definitely pick one up.

EDIT: Listen up [email protected], I have a 360 as well. Tell me WTF Nintendo has delivered besides Mario Galaxy? Assloads of shovelware thats what.

consolewar4031d ago

Moving from Wii to Ps3 yeah that's pretty wise, Mr genius. Wake me up when Sony actually delivers.

t h I s i S wAiT'N

THAMMER14031d ago

I know the PS3 is all hype. That is why I'll buy my PS3 used. I have a 5 year old little girl who would love to play Wii games. The Wii is for her.

All I need is a 360 for the best in games. The PS3 will just be for Blu Ray. I'm still on the fence over the PS3 but If they put a DS3 in the box and also drop the price another $100.00 or so I'm in.

Plus I'm sick of people telling lies about the game an how good they look on PS3. If I have one then there is no room for question. I have yet to see a game that out performs the 360 in person. If some one else lies I can just point out to them that I own one too. So they can stop the B.S.

brodels4031d ago

seriously a good choice. the wii is hot right now. it has a handful of spectacular games, and it's cheap.

i do however think that the ps3 will do real well in the long run, but i think that getting a wii right now is a very good idea. i myself will wait on getting a ps3 till the price drops more, some great games come out, and backwards compatibility gets fixed (if you care about backwards compatibility).

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PS360WII4031d ago

Well it's been back and forth with the Wii and the 360 for some time now. Insane these numbers the companies are pulling off.

@mighty I haven't even thought about the DS that way even. One month sales comparable to the whole year for the competitors... dang.

mighty_douche4031d ago

Good times for Nintendo, i wonder if the Top Dogs got a nice christmas bonus?

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