ESRB Takes The Red Out Of Risen 2's Cover

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board, an organization that assigns ratings to games in North America, has deemed the cover of Risen 2: Dark Waters to be too graphic.

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Neo Nugget2524d ago

...but they allow a severed hand for Dead Space.

Laxman2523d ago

That crazy s**t wouldnt even happen in Australia, and thats saying something!

Croash2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Oh no! That red color...Argh! I would have had nightmares! Thank you, ESRB! /s

How can people over there keep a straight face? So what if all this red CAN be interpreted as blood? It's a box art! It won't harm anyone.

Laxman2523d ago

Yeah, in fact, blood is a valuable asset to living. It shouldnt be shunned and hidden. It should be praised and admired. Its pretty fantastic stuff.

Wolfbiker2523d ago

There is s great documentary about how the movie ratings system here in america is a joke and although I do think the ESRB is great example of a good rating system....there are still things that make me scratch my

The most common act that all humans have in common is sex...yet whenever that or nudity is brought into the discussion it makes people feel uncomfortable (at least americans) but to speak of murder or"killing" in any form is more culturally accepted? I don't understand...only a small percentage of humans will ever kill another human so why its it we are all more comfortable with talking about that? Its it because as humans we are desensitized to such things? If so why?