The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert polled a group of 100 gamers to determine the Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes of All Time and the results were surprising.

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BiggCMan3164d ago

I don't mind the Mass Effect sex scenes, or any Bioware made sex scene, but they aren't particularly memorable. Very generic scenes which, in my opinion, are made just to get a rise from young teens. Very boring scenes to be honest. Heavy Rain deserves to be here somewhere, very emotional scene that really makes the game change for the better (if you played it all out the good way)

Nimblest-Assassin3163d ago


wondering how this became a top article....

oh you guys :)

limewax3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I'm guessing I am the only one, but I think I have yet to see a sex scene in a game that really felt necessary. To me it always feels shoehorned in.

It's not that I can't appreciate a bit of a love story in a game, But more that I have played plenty of RPG games with a really strong love theme yet didn't have a sex scene. Nowadays I find a lot of the love stories in games are hardly even fleshed out, so the sex scene seems to be there to try and excuse that and make the characters relationships seem deeper than the script often writes it to be

StraightPath3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

heavy rain scene was awful and cringe worthy if your a horny teen that once a rise go and play doax2 seriously only 17 comments and this hits 670 degrees haha. what does this say about gamers

RedDead3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Gamers aren't the only ones interested in sex...

unless you're talking about pixel's :D

Xof3163d ago

ME1/2 scenes weren't bad. ME3's sex scenes were just awful, cringe-worthy affairs. Partly due to composition, partly due to awful animation--particularly facial animation. ulgh.

mynameisEvil3163d ago

I suppose all of these developers have failed then as THIS teen hasn't had a boner to any sex scene in a game.

I mean, seriously, in an age where ACTUAL HUMANS can be seen blowing each other sideways by bringing up a browser, going to the address bar and typing in '', why in God's name would I need to get a rise, much less FAP to these scenes? They all felt so stiff (Haha, that was actually unintentional) as if the devs went, "We'll just push this in there real quick (It was intended that time) and nobody will EVER notice!"

I'd like a sex scene that actually has MEANING. Even Heavy Rain's scene came off to me as meh. Sex scenes should probably be implemented in games that are long (DAMN PENIS JOKES ARE EVERYWHERE) and have properly done character development to create a sense of a large amount of time spent with the other characters along with development that makes them feel realistic enough to have lovely virtual sex with.

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3164d ago

Well said,, And you beat me to it lol

ChrisW3164d ago

Ah... sex. What every adolescent boy dreams in boring classes about.

And thus we have multiple hits.

dalibor3163d ago

Is this sex?
Still a disturbing scene even to this day. But Heavy Rain does have a true romantic scene though. And a pretty damn good story.

RianQ3163d ago

Someone has never picked up an eroge in his life.

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