Comcast, Time Warner Don't Support HBO GO On Xbox 360

Today's launch of HBO GO for Xbox 360 isn't going over too well for Comcast and Time Warner customers.

A HBO representative confirmed to Game Informer this afternoon that Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House are currently not supporting the HBO GO app on the console.

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Tommy3342521d ago ShowReplies(2)
gamer78042521d ago

Wow, thats pretty much 3 of the big players, not that it matters, without a standalone hbo go subscription for non-cable users , its pretty much worthless anyways.

gamingdroid2520d ago

It's kind of ridiculous that it works on some ISPs and other's don't.

Oh well, if it is important enough to consumers it will come. Capitalism always win!

gnothe12520d ago

but if you have xfinity an HBO service(which i do) you dont need hbo to go on 360..just use xfinity...but it is stupid they dont support it..even my samsung und7000 has hbo to go app that i cant use...

TheBrit2520d ago

The idea of these apps primarily is for people that have an Xbox in their room with no cable box or sat box - the idea is that they can now use HBO to go through their Xbox and get programming in their rooms.

It's not about having xfinity and just using that - anyone that has Comcast/xfinity has a set top box somewhere obviously.

Christopher2520d ago

And the reason for that is because Comcast wants to make sure you're paying a monthly fee for every set top box in the house rather than getting away with using your console.

SignifiedSix2520d ago

Thank God I have charter ;)

Raoh2520d ago

pay for cable
pay for hbogo
pay for xbox live gold
pay for internet service

pay pay pay

Hicken2520d ago

Some people like paying for the same thing multiple times. I dunno why.

2520d ago
humbleopinion2520d ago

pay for car
pay for fuel
pay for car repairs
pay for drivers license
pay for toll roads
pay for GPS
pay for car wash

pay pay pay

MySwordIsHeavenly2520d ago

Yeah... Except this is more like paying the gas station attendant $20, just so he will let you pump gas. Then, you put another $20 in the tank.

humbleopinion2520d ago

You are aware that you DO pay the gas station attendant money, right? His salary comes out of the money you pay for gas. That's why some self-serving gas stations charge you less...

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