Sensible World of Soccer Reviewed by IGN

There's a reason Sensible World of Soccer is considered a sports classic. Unlike most sports games that feel dated and tired years later, this one holds up quite well. It's simple and fast, removing two of the hurdles many people find with the sport of soccer. The game also features an admirable amount of depth for a game that can be played with just a d-pad and the A button. If you aren't nostalgiac or hardcore about your soccer, you might be better served with something more recent. If you are, well then you don't need IGN to tell you what to do.

Overall score: 7.9/10

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mighty_douche4035d ago

I used to love SS, but i think ill stick to Pro Evo now thanks.

masterg4034d ago

I moved a month ago.
It didn't take long for me to hook my PS3 up in the new house.
But right now my 360 is still in a box.
This game makes me want to take it up.
Damn I used to love that game on my Amiga 500.