If you’re paying for games, why are you bothered about DRM?

Every time there is a major PC release on the market there is also speculation of whether the product will feature a DRM protection scheme. It has gotten to the point where any announced plans to include such safety precautions are being boycotted by the community in fear of… well, in fear of what, exactly?

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badjournalism2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Yay. The logical fallacy of "If you're not doing anything wrong, what does it matter to you?" This article sounds exactly like people defending heavy handed police forces and the TSA, because they're doing it for out own good or, as in this article, just because they have to or something something will happen. No actual reason given that hasn't been proven wrong multiple times but because they can. Bonus shill points for use of 'safety precautions' as a euphemism. Who exactly do they keep safe?

Do us all a favor and shoot yourself. You're only making it harder for the people that *DO* care.

dedicatedtogamers2520d ago

Exactly. I'm a paying customer. Why should I have to suffer when the pirates get to play a better, more hassle-free version of the game?

The title asks "If you're paying for games, why are you bothered about DRM?"

The real question should be "If you're paying for games, why should you BE hassled BY DRM?"

This article sounds like a whiny console-only gamer who hasn't had to deal with DRM nonsense for years like PC gamers have.

Pandamobile2520d ago

This article is retarded.

If someone's going to pirate a game, they'll do it by getting around the DRM. The DRM is almost ALWAYS cracked within a week of a game's release - usually sooner. Once that happens, DRM only gets in the way of the legitimate customers who are being restricted with what they can do with the product that they've purchased.

A purchased copy of Assassin's Creed 2 can only be played while you have an internet connection. If you get disconnected, you're booted back to the menu.

A cracked copy of Assassin's Creed 2 can be played regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection.

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Perjoss2519d ago

The irony that is DRM, it has virtually zero effect on pirates but punishes paying customers every day.

GraveLord2519d ago

How exactly does it punish paying customers?

Perjoss2519d ago

I can't believe you even asked that question...

here are just a few examples:

I bought Farcry 2 day 1, I get home and I cannot play because the registration servers were down. I call my friend and he laughs at me, he's been playing the game for the last 2 days and no need to register (he pirated)

Even people that watch legit DVD movies have to sit through unskippable piracy message, while the pirates download a version that has none of these messages.

I'm not sure about now but there was even some DRM that would physically damage your DVD drive, while the pirates have no problems at all.

This is not a dig at pirates, it's their business if the feel like / can afford paying for a game or not, but DRM is not the answer to reduce piracy, at least not in the video games industry.

wallis2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Firstly they're acting like I'm the pirate while actual pirates don't have to deal with it.

Secondly I've paid for the damn thing I don't like feeling like that fact needs rechecking every time I play.

Thirdly the extra software clogs up my computer taking up ram, power, space and importantly time.

Fourthly they force us to sign ToC's that allow them to collect our information (just look at origin's it's disgusting).

Fifth(ly)? that information is then used to ram more advertising down my throat for a game I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR.

Sixth - half the time the DRM breaks if you have even the slightest hint of emulation software (oh what's this, your dvd drive's broken so you have an external and also Daemon tools!? PIRATE!) making it harder for me.

Seventh- it's not MY game. It's a game I rent access to from a server. I want the damn game.

And finally - it doesn't work. DRM doesn't stop fucking pirates it never has. Hackers hack because it's fun and they want to. Giving them more to hack is just stupid. The people they distribute to are usually in either the "try" mentality or the "never buy" mentality but never in between so threatening them with not playing your game unless they pay isn't doing shit. They just won't play it.


Why do you care that they're making forced anal probes a legal requirement to leave your house? If you're not hiding cocaine up there it's not a problem for you. Why do you care they're stripping away more and more from us, why do you care we're getting less and less freedom, why do you care that every single day companies and governments keep taking the piss bit by bit and it's attitudes like this that let them take it away from us. Inch by inch. If you're not guilty it shouldn't matter right?

Dowie2519d ago

Clicked the agree, gave you bubbles and i'm declaring you a god of the internets.

Well said, that was brilliant.

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