Journey put my four-year-old daughter and I on the same level

Alex Cronk-Young: My four-year-old daughter has watched me play a lot of games, but none have given us the same experience as Journey.

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THR1LLHOUSE2522d ago

Aw, makes me wish I had a daughter.

And Journey.

And a PlayStation.

Crap, I'm outta luck on this one.

t0mmyb0y2520d ago

I gave you bubbles because you made me sad for you.

Well now I wish I had a daughter...

Thanks alot :D

Emilio_Estevez2522d ago

I hope to have a similar experience with my son once he's a bit older. Teaching him the ways of gaming and assisting each other.

Side note: Is he(you) not suing and wishing the PS brand die today?

acronkyoung2522d ago

I didn't write the suing article, I just submitted it. And I don't wish the PlayStation brand would die, I just think it'd help Sony gain some ground in the next console generation.

Does this article make me a PS3 fanboy again? Because it felt weird being a 360 fanboy when I don't even own one. Tomorrow I'll probably be a Wii fanboy again. I like to spread my fanboyism across all consoles.

Emilio_Estevez2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Well at least you are honest. As for the fanboy thing, I don't know you so I couldn't speak to that. Also, shame on me for only reading the headline of the brand one, but the title seemed silly, so I skipped it.

Persistantthug2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It would be incredibly bad business to just throw away a MULTINATIONAL & MULTIBILLION dollar brand thats spand into 3 different decades simply because your bumper pressing friends coworkers like the competing brand better.

I like Pepsi, you like Coke.....Pepsi Co. is doing just fine with Pepsi.

acronkyoung2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

@Persistantthug The conversation from work was an interesting way to open the article, not the entire basis for it. I think the better reason would be the 14 million unit gap between the PS3 and 360 in the US. I do not work with 14 million people.

And honestly, it's an idea. I'm not barricaded in a house defending this idea to the death. I felt like a re-branding might help them in the next generation. If you don't, great, I'd love to hear your reasoned argument about why it wouldn't.

I feel like me and the gaming community were in a car, and we weren't sure what to get to eat, and I said, "Hey, how about chinese." and the gaming community began screaming at the top of their lungs everything that is wrong with chinese. Ok, guys. Calm down. I'm not going to fight to the death for chinese. I just had the idea for chinese and I put it out there. I think it's a well-reasoned idea, and I'd love to hear why you don't think it is. Maybe you'll change my opinion. That is what discussion is for.

Crap. Now I want some chinese. Wanna go get some with me?

acronkyoung2521d ago

Oh, I also don't like Coke. And Pepsi. But I like other Pepsi products more than I like other Coke products, so I guess I'd say I like Pepsi.


Hicken2521d ago

That difference in systems sold in the US is due to two very obvious things:

1. Marketing: Microsoft spent a LOT of money on marketing their system. And once they were done (which still hasn't actually happened), they spent even more money marketing various games- mostly notably Call of Duty- as games to play on the 360. As someone who sells games, I could not accurately tell you how many times I've been asked if a high-profile multiplatform title was 360 only, but I'd venture it's a number in the hundreds. Kinect has also seen an expensive and aggressive marketing campaign; people want a Kinect- and a 360- without even really knowing what it does or what games are on it. They just "saw it on TV."

2. head start: The 360 enjoyed more than a year on the market before the release of the PS3; between its hardcore stance and the more casual approach of the Wii, many gamers chose it as their system, and encouraged their friends to do the same.(I could make the whole social aspect another point, but instead I'll consolidate it here.) By the time the PS3 launched, the 360 had a massive head start in systems sold, and I'll frankly say that anyone who thinks the 360's numbers aren't at least partially inflated by RROD replacements is foolish. Out-of-warranty systems would have started around that time, so I imagine a sales chart would probably show a surge in the sales of the 360 around that time as people were unwilling to leave the friends they had been playing with for some time now to jump to a new system that no one had yet.

3. Stupidity: It needs to be said. Brainwashing, conditioning, ignorance. Something. Coupled with the aforementioned RROD, there is no other reason why people would continue to buy 360s after having 4+ systems fail them. Yet they have. While most of the people I know are PS3-only or primary gamers, none among them have gone through more than two PS3s; on the other hand, five have gone through three or more 360s.

If Sony has failed, it was due almost entirely to marketing. Otherwise, I would have to give Microsoft credit for capturing the attention of the buying audience. The Playstation brand has more than done well; it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say the Playstation name is the first (though perhaps not biggest) reason the PS3 has done as well as it has.

On topic: this is why I love Journey. And it's why a certain unnamed reviewer drew my ire, as he's apparently incapable of the emotional comprehension of a four year-old. I'm glad to hear of such an experience.

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SybaRat2522d ago

Awesome! Now THAT'S co-op!