Blimey! Games' Ferrari Project - first screens

Currently operating under the working title 'Ferrari Project', the game was announced last November and focuses exclusively on Ferrari's finest automobiles throughout history.

Details are currently scarce, but according to latest reports the lead physics designer on Richard Burns Rally has been hired by Blimey! to work on the title.

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mighty_douche4033d ago

Its no Gran Turismo but it sure is pretty!

Keowrath4033d ago

One to watch mate. I have a friend who just joined Blimey! Games. She's a complete and utter petrol head.

From what she's been saying it looks like Blimey will definately be one to watch if you're a car enthusiast. Graphics do look stunning. There's been some in car images too and they actually look better than GT.

mighty_douche4033d ago

Well with it being PC only thats completely possible. But remember i doubt this will have a quater the total cars of GT.

But your right, this is one to watch. Wait for the custom Ferrari steering wheel to ($$$).

MaximusPrime4033d ago

still Gran Turismo screenshots are better. But thanks for the images, it does look nice.

Arkrite4033d ago

I hope its better than the seriously hard Dreamcast Ferrari game that was released a week b4 the original Metropolis Street Racer aka PGR 1

Zhuk4033d ago

GT is garbage compared to a true racing simulator like this game, sorry fandroids

mighty_douche4033d ago

You played this huh? or are you doing your usual job of spamming anything that isnt on your 360?

I doubt your even a PC gamer, generally they arent [email protected] like yourself.

Avto4033d ago

looking forward for this one

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