Namco cause immense confusion with US Ridge Racer Unbounded launch

"Ridge Racer Unbounded is out today in the US – that is what Namco say in their latest US-centric press release at least.

This is not surprising, as many games release in the US on a Tuesday. What is confusing is that a week or so back, Namco released a press release that many sites (Gamespot, Shacknews, and Joystiq) reported on. It had info that the game would not meet its original release date."

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Baka-akaB2521d ago

Just stick to crapping Ridge racer games each new platform launch . The serie hasnt been anything else beyond R4 .

Boody-Bandit2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

This one looks especially bad and could be a new low for Namco with this series. A poor mans Burnout Paradise. Crashing through steel girders, concrete pillars and walls, taking out buildings and gas stations but metal guard rails contain inside the perimeter of the track.

They should rename it indestructible demolition racing.
Mindless gas & go game a 3 year old could play.