The History Of Water In Video Games: From River Raid to Uncharted

70 Games spanning 27 years from River Raid and Frogger to Uncharted and BioShock. It's interesting to see how far water effects have progressed in games, from a simple blue shade, to a few extra animated pixels, to complete shimmering beauty.

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MK_Red5502d ago

That Beyond Good & Evil part makes me sad. It had everything. Superb story, great graphics with stnning water effects, fun gameplay and everything else :(

It's really cool how much the game industry has improved in 30 years and the evolution of water effects are a great example. Bioshock and Uncharted are definitly the best.

iNcRiMiNaTi5502d ago

its crazy but that game still wowed me after getting the 360. i first played it after getting gears of war because i heard so many good things about it so i had to try it out, and i wasnt disappointed. awesome game. its also crazy how that games water effects are better than CoD4's water on the boat mission. and cod4 is supposed to be one of today's advanced games

MK_Red5502d ago (Edited 5502d ago )

True. It's a real classic.
Good point about COD4's water. BG&E had some seriously cool water effects.

masterg5502d ago

There was no need for this video.
They could jusut have compared the Wii with PS3/360.... ;o) JK

mesh15502d ago

dont be fooled people MK RED IS AN AVID sony troll just check the headline of this articles its clearly states bioshock also but MK RED leftout that part yawn he puts a good front up tho=). (for bubbles)

MK_Red5502d ago (Edited 5502d ago )

1.If you had checked my earlier comments, you would have known that BioShock is my fave game of 2007 not Uncharted.
2.I added the BioShock part to the article, it's not even in the original description!!! Check the GT link and read it's text. The BioShock in the intro is my addition :)

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Torch5502d ago (Edited 5502d ago )

I feel as if my life just flashed before my 33 year-old eyes.

During that video, I can't believe how seeing many of those games warped me back to so many specific moments in my life while growing up.

It's also interesting to see how technologically spoiled we've gotten over the years...while looking back at all those games and their dated graphics, it's amazing how far developers have come. Funny thing is, I remember being blown away and mesmerized by all those jaggy graphics and limited gameplay during heydays of many of those games.

Yes, me and a buddy actually once spent hours - and somehow got a kick out of - playing Atari 2600's Fishing Derby! Go figure.

Thank you for that fun blast from the past!

MK_Red5502d ago

Fishing Derby was really fun back then. I was very small but still enjoyed it alot along with H.E.R.O and Pitfall. HERO is definitly my fave Atari 2600 game.

rev205502d ago (Edited 5502d ago )

Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk.


heyheyhey5502d ago

these will all get trumped by the upcoming game- hydrophobia whcih focuses on water effects

MK_Red5502d ago

Good one. Hydrophobia seemed to be using a really technically advanced water system. Still, the game has gone completely under the radar for some time :(

Gazman5502d ago

One of my all time favorite games and close to one of the first that I played, and I still play it today. Got to love the classics

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The story is too old to be commented.