Xbox Live sees entertainment category surpass online gaming

In its quest to dominate the living room, Microsoft has continually upgraded its Xbox Live entertainment offerings, and the effort is clearly paying off, as today the company noted that Xbox 360 is being used more for entertainment than pure gaming.

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Titanz4437d ago

Netflix, Youtube, UFC apps - you name it.

F7U124437d ago

man MS is really hell bent on turning the xbox into a beefed up Apple TV. they see where the trend is going and they're trying to beat Apple to the punch. the sad thing here is that MS is no longer leading but just following others these days.

dark-hollow4437d ago

What's wrong with "following the trends"?

Just like Sony "followed the trends" and expand their online service to what it is today.

There is nothing wrong with that.

kreate4437d ago


i think he talking about the type of trend of a 'beefed up apple tv'

Which he not into. It just depends on what type of trend.

Bigpappy4436d ago

This is wath M$ has always intended from the start of Xbox. They wanted to get in to the living room and provide content. Gaming was the best way to get that connection with the internet and the living room.

This is not a bad thing for 360 owners, as it insures that 360 will be around for a very very long time. M$ will always have gaming as a major part of Xbox, and the numbers, in the largest gaming market, will insure that developers will continue to make their games for Xbox.

dedicatedtogamers4437d ago

I remember back to 2007 when PS3 gamers were mocked. "LOL! WE HAVE A CONSOLE FOR GAMES, NOT MOVIES!!!"

Oh how the tables have turned. Worse yet, most 360 gamers just rolled over and accepted it.

dark-hollow4437d ago

I hope more gamers use their consoles for gaming, watching, whatever than wasting their time on this stupid console war.

360GamerFG4437d ago

Thing is, xbox 360 players still spend more time playing online than ps3 players.

Virtual_Reality4437d ago

You mean $.

Because PSN have more people connected than Xbox Live, simple reason because is free to be connected to do various tasks.

BitbyDeath4437d ago

PS3 has more players online though so just goes to show that the PS3 has more single player games to play.

snipes1014436d ago

We really need a new 'neg rating on N4G for comments like this. Well label it "Instigating."

Can we please keep this flame war shit out of here? It's not intelligent conversation at all.

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green4437d ago

I am also Guilty. I spend alot of time on youtube and no longer use iplayer on my PC but on my XBOX. I have spent way more time watching video on my xbox this year than gaming.

limewax4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

I agree, I find this with both consoles at the moment, However I blame it on the drought of interesting games coming out. It kind of feels like we're just stringing it along until next gen now

BitbyDeath4437d ago

@limewax, you ever play Starhawk?

green4437d ago

@Limewax: You are spot on. I feel like i have seen the best this gen can produce and its getting really stale and boring for me.

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Shazz4437d ago

is the uk getting the ufc app??

Dorwrath4437d ago

The only apps I use are Netflix and Hulu Plus.

taco_tom2374437d ago

i only use my 360 for netflix and last fm