Why It Took Me A Year To Buy a 3DS

Kotaku - When the 3DS was announced in March 2010, I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought one. It wasn't the wonder of 3D or even the games Nintendo was sure to release that gave me this moment of clairvoyance. It was the simple fact that eventually, I buy every system. The only question was how long it would take Nintendo to sell it to me.

And so last Wednesday, the time finally came. I walked into my local game store and bought a used 3DS... over a year after its initial release.

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danielle0072516d ago

I'm still biding my time. I would really rather have one with the second analog stick built in, instead of that obnoxious addon. So ... I'll wait. But, the 3DS is pretty tempting, but I'm literally the worst at keeping myself & the 3DS in the correct 3D angle.

yabhero2516d ago

I just hope you know that the second analog may not come for a while... or ever as it would split the userbase.

cpayne932516d ago

I'm also waiting on a revision but if they don't come out with one I'll just buy the next revision anyway. I really hope they have it included in the revision though, it wouldn't completely split the user base because those with the original can buy the add-on, and the games will never make the second stick mandatory thanks to the touch screen.

danielle0072511d ago

I'm replying late. So, I apologize.

However, I don't think it will split the user base, as the user base is already split thanks to this peripheral existing. It can just be an optional control scheme.