Gears of War 3 is Secretly a Masterpiece of Landscape Art

Kotaku - The casual observer of the Xbox 360's Gears of War 3 may notice the grunting warriors, the characters shooting each other to bloody bits or chainsawing each other in half.

Refined eyes will spot beauty. They will see a triumph of modern landscape art, hiding in the background of a big action blockbuster.

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KeiserSosay47882522d ago

Gears 3 DID look very good. I was surprised at how good the beta looked when I played it.

higherARC052522d ago

Looks great. Love how dlc makes the game look even better after each new content.

no_more_heroes2522d ago

That was indeed quite pretty. Another part that caressed my eyeballs lovingly was that underwater rail shooter level. That, too, was gorgeous.

isarai2521d ago

not very impress tbh, decent but not anywhere near "masterpiece of landscape art" very average at best.