The Nintendo 3DS Is Now One Year Old. And It Doesn’t Suck.

Kotaku - Happy birthday, 3DS!

It's been a rollercoaster of a year for Nintendo's glasses-free 3D gaming handheld, which was first released on March 27, 2011. In the 365 days since it first hit America's grubby hands, the 3DS has been the subject of both admiration and derision, both high highs and low lows. And although at this point it has found some level of stability—Nintendo sold an impressive 15 million copies worldwide as of January—pundits and analysts still love to tell the world that it, along with all other dedicated gaming handhelds, are surely doomed.

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Venox20082520d ago

sure it doesn't suck, it's a great handheld

--Onilink--2519d ago

omg that has to be the shortest post you have ever made... are you sure thats really you and not someone else on your account? lol

yabhero2519d ago

Shame on you @ disagree

Smashbro292519d ago

The hardware isn't impressive at all. The software however is remarkable. Like most Nintendo systems it will be 90% Nintendo 10% everyone else.

ronin4life2519d ago

Actually, the hardware is also quite impressive in its own way. ^o^
Something few know is that the 3ds has built in shaders and foggers. Games with advanced shadow and fog techniques often take up alot of power, but the 3ds has these built in separately allowing for these complexe effects without tapping the rest of the hardware.
It also makes development of these facets of a game easier for developers.

Plus, it has 2 screens for hud and data management, among other possibilities. ^_^

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Stealth20k2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I would of said this at launch............ and its done better than any other nintendo system

360GamerFG2519d ago

Have. Would have. Goodness, what are they teaching in school these days?

PimpDaddy2519d ago

Thank you Grammar Nazi for adding absolutely nothing to this discussion.

On topic: Nintendo always provides great games. Congrats to the 3DS.

cervantes992519d ago

The software doesn't suck, but for me the screens blow.

The Vita screen wipes the floor with this device. I'm big into cutting edge hardware so the Vita is my choice. With that said though, Nintendo wipes the floor with the Vita in terms of software as it should for being out a year longer.

Hisiru2519d ago

Some people will prefer oled screens and some people will prefer 3D screens. It's a matter of taste.

Smashbro292519d ago

Not in the slightest! You'd have to be quite the fanboy to prefer that little box to the huge widescreen thing.

byeGollum2519d ago

a year old already? man I ain't keepin up at all!

3GenGames2519d ago

It seems like the domms day articles for it were just being posted yesterday! -tear-

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