Game Informer - The New Hero Of Assassin’s Creed III

Game Informer - A new Assassin is a big deal. Signifying a new numbered entry in the series chronology, the introduction of a new hero in Assassin’s Creed II brought numerous changes to the gameplay, storytelling, and tone. Assassin’s Creed III continues that trend with the introduction of Connor, a hero who brings along fundamental changes to the game experience. We quizzed the developers of Ubisoft Montreal about the new character in order to get a detailed picture of what fans can expect.

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PinkPartyPony2516d ago

Great preview!!

Without a doubt a game to keep your eye on.

The character looks to be vastly different from Altair, and Ezio. He should make for a great lead protag, and assassin.

The charge up Bunker Hill will be amazing!! (:

BushLitter2516d ago

This is going to be special. Hopefully this year AC will get the game of the year award it deserved all the way back in 2009.

FarCryLover1822516d ago

I listened to the 20 minute preview from a employee and wow. He makes the game sounds perfect. Just perfect.