IGN: Lost Odyssey Battle Overview

The turn-based fighting system has been a trademark of the JRPG since the very beginning. Hironobu Sakaguchi has been a prominent influence for almost as long. If you look at Lost Odyssey and you're reminded of Final Fantasy, there's a reason. Sakaguchi made his mark on the Final Fantasy series before leaving Square to start Mistwalker. The design studio's second title is nearing completion for American audiences so IGN thought it might be a good idea to take a look at exactly how the turn-based system works in Lost Odyssey.

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Darkiewonder4031d ago

It takes turn based battle and adds something different. while it's been done before it still a different take on it.

Lost Odyssey I do want. May have to get this and hold off on buying EoJ just for the camera ;3

(Don't tell my friend)

Marceles4031d ago

They sell the camera separately you know :). I'm getting this game on day 1, I need a decent RPG right now...

Darkiewonder4031d ago

But i prefer the game and camera rather than just get the camera for 40 ;3

mintaro4031d ago

this game looks like it starting to shape up

ichimaru4031d ago

flooks pretty good,a must have jp rpg as been long needed.