VGChartz: WorldWide Hardware data for the period 09th Dec 2007 to 30th Dec 2007

Here are the detailed Hardware sales data for the period 09th Dec 2007 to 30th Dec 2007. The data table contains sales data for Wii, PS3, X360, PSP, DS, GBA and PS2 in different regions.


Total Worldwide Sales for the Month of December:

DS 6,474,403
Wii 3,869,926
PS3 2,081,432
PSP 2,399,757
PS2 1,958,444
Xbox360 1,894,335
GBA 309,755

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sfinXters4034d ago

Looks like the PS3 beat 360 for x-mas this year.
Too bad that in NA the sales still lag.

gaffyh4033d ago

Damn a lot got sold in December it's like 18+ million sales (i couldn't be bothered using calc lol)

The Brave 14033d ago

As these Xgirls see the Ps2 is still beating the 360.I would be embarrased,but the xbots will have a way to spin this fact.The ps3 is starting to hit its stride.Its just a matter of time before everything falls into place.

whateva4034d ago

Got DHam!!!!!!

PS2 still kicking the 360's a$$ lol that's crazy.

DethWish4033d ago

PS3 sold out on all big chains here in sweden :/
Trying to find one to buy but can't :S

heyheyhey4033d ago

why so sad M$? what did you really think you could beat the worlds best hardware company at their own game, well look at where you are now- behind every single playstation product

LanRanger4033d ago

What makes you think Microsoft is sad? The Xbox 360 is going substantially better than the original Xbox, and at worst it has significantly reduced the Playstation's lead in the console market.

People seem to think the console "war" is winner take all, but it's not. The Xbox can be very successful even if it trails in sales.

nanometric4033d ago

PS3 actually outsold PS2??? :o

Of topic- hey what is the team id for [email protected]???