Battlefield 3: Patch 1.04 New Anti-Aliasing Option Doesn’t Help Reduce Lag?

Techtorial: One of the many features added to BF3's latest update was this new anti-aliasing option for Playstation 3. However, a new demo shows disabling it won't reduce the lag.

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soundslike2517d ago

aiming feels the same but strafing feels faster...weird.

good patch overall. disabling AA makes the framerate much better and especially on bigger maps

F7U122517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

had the same problem when I had it hooked up to a larger display (47") but then I switched it over to my PC monitor (27") problem solved.

Yomiro2517d ago

So where is the input lag? I don't see have to slow down maybe you are going to fast.

IHateYouFanboys2517d ago

its funny that everyones complaining about what, 100ms of input lag for BF3, yet these same people LOVED the 200ms of input lag in Killzone 2.

DoomeDx2517d ago

233MS? Thats 2 seconds of a delay. lmao this video is bullshit.

Yes there is lag, but 233MS? bs.

invalidsyntax2516d ago

233ms is nearly 1/4 of a second (1000ms = 1 second).

NotSoSilentBob2516d ago

You always have to try and put down a PS3 game in every post of yours huh?

isarai2517d ago

I never noticed input lag, but something definitely feels tighter after disabling AA, might be an improved FPS

sovietsoldier2517d ago

my understanding was dice said it was controller related? wrong-right?

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